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ICN Podcasts

A podcast (from "iPod and "broadcasting") is an audio file available on the Internet for listening on your computer or mobile devices. Click on a link below to listen and/or read. No download or software installation required!

ICN podcasts are short 10-15 minute interviews with our technical specialists, addressing frequently asked questions within a given topic. We will be uploading podcasts on a regular basis, starting with a series about Tagless Labeling. The ICN Team believes, podcasts are a great way to communicate important points about new applications such as Tagless Labeling and other new pad printing, screen printing, inkjet printing and laser engraving applications. We hope you find our podcasts helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact ICN Headquarters at (978) 646-8980.

Tagless Labeling Series with ICN Experts

May 2009

Tagless Printing - Podcast # 1

Topics discussed:
- Comparison to existing technologies: sewn-in labels and thermal transfer
- Advantages of Tagless Labels: cost savings, flexibility
- Limitations of Tagless Labels: types of fabric
- Plate making options and basics
- Tag printing process in a nutshell
- How to integrate into a screen printing production

Tagless Printing - Podcast # 2

Topics discussed:
- Adjusting pad printing to tagless printing
- Equipment available: 1 color to multicolor, programmable
- Ink for dark fabrics; ink for polyesters and stretchy fabrics
- The physics of pad printing
- Pad selection - Pad Search and rules of thumb
- Tech support in English and Spanish in the US, Canada and Central America (Guatemala)

Screen & Pad Printing History Series with Bill Karlyn

Below are three interviews with Bill Karlyn, the founder and CEO of Autoroll Machine Corporation. This man and his company have driven the development of bottle screen printing technology in the US and also made a significant contribution to the development of pad printing technology in this country. A talented entrepreneur and entertaining speaker, Bill talks about growing his start-up company to become a partner for such giants as Revlon, Kodak and Time Warner. Click on the links below to listen or read!

July 2009

Screen Printing History - Podcast #1

"As An Entrepreneur You Succeed or Fail for Reasons You Can Never Anticipate"
The Curious History of Screen Printing on Plastic Bottles in the US

- Beginning of Autoroll Machine Corporation
- Development of the first screen printers for plastic bottles
- Business division strategy: using Autoroll Decorative Products as the beta-site for new machines, training site for machine buyers and an effective sales tool
- Development of automated bottle screen printing machines
- Biggest challenges of screen printing on bottles in the 1960's

Screen & Pad Printing History - Podcast #2

How Autoroll's Diversification Led to Pad Printing Boom in the US
Re-invention of Tampoprint's Pad Printers and Silicon Printing Pads

- Business diversification strategy: Autoroll researches pad printing
- Pad printing process basics and its astonishing capabilities
- Autoroll re-creates the pad printing machine and re-formulates the silicone printing pad
- Development of new pad printing applications in the 1960's
- Pad printing inks of the time: enamels

Screen Printing History - Podcast #3

Does Clever Innovation Always Pay Off..?
Fate and Fortune of the First Two Automated UV Printers in the US: Bottle Printer and CD Printer

- Development of the first automated UV screen printer for plastic bottles
- Development of the first automated UV screen printer for compact disks
- Future of screen printing

Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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