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Pretreatment Systems for Digital Printing

Pretreatment systems are important for adhesion purposes. Depending on the substrate you are printing as well as the desired adhesion properties, UV Printers and Cylindrical Inkjet Printers may require additional pretreatment.

MagiCoat™ Pre-Treatment System

MagiCoat™ Pre-Treatment System

  • Increase adhesion to glass and other materials
  • Utilizes flame treatment along with a primer spraying system
  • Pre-treat up to 20 items/min
AutoFlame360 Flame Treatment Machine

AutoFlame360 Flame Treatment Machine

  • Flame treatment machine for bottles and other cylindrical items
  • 8 station Geneva drive
  • Angular burner adjustment for tapered products
MagiCoat™ Turntable

MagiCoat™ Turntable

  • 360° rotational platform
  • Shield to prevent over-spray
  • Slip-resistance platform to hold glassware
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