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Laser Plate-Makers

Quickly etch plates at incredible detail with a laser plate-maker from Inkcups. Save money, eliminate consumables. 100% repeatability: etch plates direct using computer-to-plate technology. Choose from a fiber or CO2 laser for your plate-making needs. Read more about the differences between fiber & Co2 laser plate-makers.

If you are experiencing trouble with your laser, our laser support technicians are always available to answer any questions about the maintenance and support of your laser machine.

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Cobalt PRO Co2 Laser Machine

Cobalt PRO Co2 Laser Machine

A plate-making, cutting and engraving CO2 laser machine, equipped with a servo-driven motor and capable of producing high-resolution pad printing plates directly from a computer, without the use of film positives, chemicals or concern about depth control.

  • Largest plate etching area
  • High-speed servo technology
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Cobalt ONE Fiber Laser Etching Machine

Cobalt ONE Fiber Laser Etching Machine

The latest evolution in laser plate-making and the most compact of all fiber lasers. Utilizing highly advanced fiber laser technology, enabling it to etch the smallest dot size and sharpest images.


  • Advanced laser plate-making system
  • Small footprint
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Cobalt 2000 Pad Printing Plate Maker

Cobalt 2000 Pad Printing Plate Maker

An affordable alternative to polymer plates. Engineered for both large and small printing facilities, any user can now own a laser platemaker and take control of the process of making laser plates for their pad printing machines.


  • Low-cost pad printing plate maker
  • Solid-State Laser Technology
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