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Our History

Since 2001 Inkcups has been growing to become the global leader we are today. We’ve been creating new technology and ideas that breathe new life into the specialty printing industry, redefining the term “Innovation”. We are proud of where we came from and look forward to our future.


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Inkcups founded in 2001

The Beginning

Out of his house, Ben Adner sells only his patented universal ink cup and ceramic rings.


# of Inkcups Members: 2
Inkcups Original Office Space

20 Locust St.

The company moves from the house to a larger location at 20 Locust Street, Danvers.


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pad printing ink mixing

Sapphire® Ink

Inkcups Now becomes the exclusive North American distributor for Sericom Inks – a premier global ink line.


# of Inkcups Members: 10
Team grows in 2002

The Team Expands

The team celebrates with an offsite outing.


# of Inkcups Members: 15
Cobalt 1000 laser plate maker

The Cobalt 1000

Inkcups Now introduces the Cobalt 1000 laser for etching pad printing plates and forever changes the plate-making industry.


# of Inkcups Members: 21
Tagless Printing comes to Inkcups

The Tagless Revolution

Inkcups Now introduces the B100 tagless solution and changes the way tags are applied to garments forever.


# of Inkcups Members: 30

Digital Printing Begins

Inkcups introduces a solvent-based inkjet printer for small promotional items. To further expand its inkjet portfolio, Inkcups becomes a Certified Mimaki Distributor.


# of Inkcups Members: 36
Inkcups Expands

Global Expansion

Inkcups Now goes global – setting up sales offices in Central America and Mexico.


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The Xjet is developed


Inkcups Now introduces disruptive technology – the Xjet conveyorized industrial inkjet printer. We patented the XJET with a proprietary loading mechanism unlike anything else on the market, allowing for quick loading while the machine is actively printing.


# of Inkcups Members: 47
Inkcups moves to new building

The Move

Inkcups Now moves their HQ and main production facility to 310 Andover St. to expand operations.


# of Inkcups Members: 63
Cobalt 2000 & Cobalt 3000

The Laser Revolution

Inkcups Now secures its position as the global leader in laser plate-making by developing and patenting two new low-cost lasers.


# of Inkcups Members: 79
Helix Revolution

The Helix®

Inkcups develops the groundbreaking Helix® inkjet machine for cylinders – the first of its kind. Built in the USA.


# of Inkcups Members: 82
Brite Tagless Printer Created

Brite Tagless

Inkcups patents Brite Tagless Technology – the ability to pad print white ink on dark fabrics.


# of Inkcups Members: 82
Inkcups rebrands

Inkcups Rebrands

To fit their position as a global leader in an ever-changing market, Inkcups drops the “Now” and simplifies the name.


# of Inkcups Members: 85
Faster Digital Machines

Faster Digital Machines

All Digital flatbed machines are upgraded to the latest head technology making them 4 times faster.


# of Inkcups Members: 87
The Revolution is Here

The Revolution® is Here. 

Inkcups launches the Revolution®, high-speed digital cylinder printer.


# of Inkcups Members: 88
Cylindrical inkjet printer print stations Double Helix

The Double Helix® 

Inkcups doubles the production volume of the Helix® with the Double Helix®.


# of Inkcups Members: 93
Helix Plus UV cylinder printer by Inkcups

Enter, the Helix 2.0

The Helix® line underwent significant upgrades and enhanced features, complete with a new look and the addition of new machine the Helix®+.


# of Inkcups Members: 95
Helix ONE Side View

The First Compact Cylindrical Printer

Benchtop in design, the Helix® ONE stuns with full color CMYKW + Varnish prints on a wide range of cylindrical applications.


# of Inkcups Members: 95

XJET Switch, Direct-to-Bag Printer

First of its kind, Inkcups launches the XJET Switch, a specialized UV flatbed for tote bags and hard goods.


# of Inkcups Members: 96

MagiCoat® Mini

This scaled down version of the beloved full-size MagiCoat® Pre-Treatment system is perfect for companies with low to medium run SKUs.


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