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All About Direct to Object Cylinder Printers

Drinkware printing knows no bounds when it comes to decorating glass, plastic, stainless steel, and silicone vessels. High-quality prints are achievable on direct to object cylinder printers in the form of pad printers, screen printers or digital cylindrical printers. Personalization and customization trends hold strong, and drinkware is widely used in a range of industries including commercial, hospitality, and sports. Pad printing and screen-printing offer low costs to print bold one to six color logo designs on mugs while UV digital cylinder printers offer full-color, full coverage, high resolution prints on a variety of drinkware vessels for promotional or personalization needs. Inkcups offers a full lineup of pad printers, UV cylindrical printers, UV flatbed printers, pre-treatment systems for glass and plastics, as well as corresponding inks, parts, and supplies.


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