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Applications, Inkjet InkSeptember 8, 2020

UV Inkjet Ink for Sports Bottles

Applications, Inkjet Ink
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BB Ultra Flexible Ink

UV inkjet ink for sports bottles needs to be flexible enough to bend and stretch with the movement of the bottle. If the UV ink is too rigid, the artwork will crack and easily scrap off the bottle. An ultra flexible ink is most needed in this situation.

What are sports bottles made of?

A squeezable sports bottle can be made from flexible plastics such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which are the two most popular squeeze materials. These BPA-free plastics enable on-the-go usability especially for athletes. This plastic is easily squeezed to eject water on the go.

How are sports bottles made?

Plastic bottles can either be made by injection molding or blow molding. For sports bottles, blow molding is the process of choice due to its ability to produce a larger amount of product at a time. Think of this process like glass blowing. You have your melted plastic that is filled with air in a mold to produce the proper size and shape.

UV Inkjet Ink for Sports Bottles

After the product is produced, it is ready to be decorated. UV inkjet ink for sports bottles is the only way to produce full-color images on this flexible material. While screen printing and pad printing may achieve a few colors, they cannot achieve photo reproduction quite like UV printers can. Inkcups has a special formulated UV inkjet ink for sports bottles the BB ultra flexible UV ink for digital printers. This UV ink is flexible enough to be squeezed, stretched, and even submerged in ice water without cracking. In addition to LDPE and HDPE, the BB ink series has shown success printing on PP and PE as well.

See the BB ultra flexible ink pass multiple adhesion tests before your eyes: Ultra Flexible Ink for Plastic – BB Ink Series

BB Ultra Flexible UV ink for Sports Bottles

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