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Applications, How-ToOctober 6, 2020

UV Cylindrical Inkjet Printer Design Features: Tone on Tone

Applications, How-To
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Tone on Tone

Similar to the other design features in this series, tone on tone highlights the elements of the product itself.

What is tone on tone?

Tone on tone utilizes either varnish or a low opacity color to bring out the color of a substrate. For example, the aluminum of a can can be further highlighted with using color at a low opacity or, the color of a coated tumbler can be enhanced with varnish. For glassware, this gives the product an embossed look.

How is tone on tone printed?

There are no additional steps for printing tone on tone. It simply requires an adjustment to the artwork and colors prior to printing. Since white is not printed to achieve this look, the prints are typically faster than full-color, full-coverage graphics.

How is the product dried or cured after printing?

With the Helix® Digital Cylinder Printer, there are no additional steps you will need to take prior to printing your artwork. The image is cured using the UV/LED light within the machine. All inkjet inks by Inkcups are cured this way, even varnish.

What kind of inks are used to achieve this look?

As with the other design elements, any one of our UV inks are capable of achieving any design technique. The possibility lies within the machine and the product itself. Printing tone on tone is achievable on any substrate compared to mirror print which is best for glass or clear plastic.

Have one of cylindrical inkjet printers and want to mirror print? Contact our Inkjet Tech Service Team

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