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Pad Printing Equipment



The B150 is a benchtop large image pad printer used for industrial-grade, 1-color applications. This large image pad printer features a 150mm VersaCup® ink cup assembly which prints images up to 140mm in diameter. With a compression capability of 779lbs, this pad printing machine allows for easy handling of large, hard printing pads. The B150 large image pad printer produces the highest quality images on drinkware, injection-molded housing, bezels and other products up to 5.5” in height.

The B150 large image pad printer has the unique ability to program variable pad delays (both over the plate and the part), printing speed and double-print function, which gives the operator complete control over the printing cycle and print opacity.

As with all our pad printers, the B150 is capable of utilizing photopolymer, steel or laser plates to print on products.

In addition to the multiple industrial applications the B150 is able to accomplish, many apparel printers utilize the large pad for larger logos and care labels.

  • 1-color large image pad printer
  • Large Images up to 140mm




B150 Brochure


Number of Colors
Max. Image Size
140 mm
Max. Part Height
138 mm
Max. Speed
Ink Cup Size
150 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
889 x 483 x 762 mm
Mounting Options
Bench top
Plate size:
160mm x 360mm
Current/Voltage (1 phase/50-60 Hz.):
Air consumption (CFM/PSI):
Approximate weight net/crated:
118/138kg (260/305lbs)
Crate size (L x W x H):
1067mm x 610mm x 965mm (42" x 24" x 36")


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