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Pad Printing Inks

CG Series Pad Printing Ink

CG Series Pad Printing Ink

CG Series pad printing ink is a specialty 2-component pad printing ink formulated for use with glass, ceramics, and metals. In addition, print on plated surfaces, chromed surfaces, hard plastics, epoxy resins, and lacquered surfaces. The printed result appears opaque and has a satin gloss. CG Series pad printing ink for glass offers excellent adhesion, rapid cross-linking, and improved abrasion resistance with a heat cure after printing. CG series ink is dishwasher safe once heat cured.

CG Series pad printing ink is available in 23 standard, 11 high density, 5 metallic, and CMYK 4-color process shades. Custom color matching and Harmony Color Matching System is available. The CG Series Ink is classified as NT (non-toxic) and is formulated with pigments which are free from heavy metals. Safety Data Sheets are available according to UE regulation. Main indications are carried on the product label. 

  • Highly opaque
  • Satin finish


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