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ICN-150 2-Color Large Image Pad Printer

ICN-150 2-Color Large Image Pad Printer

The ICN-150 is a 2-color large image pad printer capable of handling 150mm ink cups that enable printed images up to 140mm in diameter. This unique printing feature far surpasses the industry’s standard 130mm ink cup (115mm image diameter) capability. This 2-color large image pad printer’s pad/ink cup stroke allows for easy loading of large parts and fine-tuning for the highest quality images. The machine’s mechanics include a 2-position pneumatic part shuttle, which allows it to shift with ease from one color to the next.

The ICN-150 2-color large image pad printer is available as a 1- or 2-color printer, perfect for obtaining crisp, accurate graphics. The excellent pad compression capability provides ample room for large, hard printing pads of pad clusters. The heavy-duty base cabinet assembly, height adjust assembly and XYR tooling table make this the perfect 2-color large image pad printer for handling parts such as injection molded jousting, bezels, mugs, beach balls and large promotional products. Print on items up to 6.4″ (162.56mm) tall with the ICN-150.

  • 2 color large image pad printer
  • Print large images up to 140mm diameter




ICN-150 Brochure


Number of Colors
Max. Image Size
140 mm
Max. Part Height
163 mm
Max. Speed
Ink Cup Size
150 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
813 x 762 x 1372 mm
Mounting Options
Base cabinet


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