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Pad Printing Inks

Inkcups provides the best pad printing inks for any application. Our inks are thoroughly tested to ensure the best adhesion to your substrates. The Sapphire® Series of pad printing inks consists of medical-grade inks, highly abrasion-resistant inks, and high-density inks. Our in-house color matching professionals offer custom color matching, ink mixing services, and adhesion testing for all of our pad printing and screen printing inks.  For more information about our inks and how to choose the best pad printing ink for your application, check out our pad printing ink page. Our compliance team ensures all pad printing inks meet and surpass industry standards. Listen to our Compliance Manager discuss ink testing compliance for pad printing and digital printing.

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Not sure which ink is right for you? Check out our ink application chart to or check out our brochure to find the right series ink for your needs.


Visit our Learning Center for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Compliance, and Technical Data documentation.

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GN Series Pad Printing Ink

GN Series Pad Printing Ink

The GN Series is an eco-friendly pad printing ink that adheres to a number of substrates including: ABS, lacquered surfaces, metal, natural fabrics, plasticized PVC, Polyamide, Polycarbonate, Polymethacrylate, Polystyrene, Polyurethane, rigid PVC, treated PETG, treated Polyacetal, treated Polyester, treated Polyethylene, treated Polypropylene, and wood. This two-component ink is available in 10 standard colors.

BA Series Pad Printing Ink

BA Series Pad Printing Ink

  • High-gloss, all-purpose 1- or 2-component ink
  • Available in 23 standard colors, 11 high density, and 5 metallic colors as well as CMYK shades
  • Print on Pens, Injection Molded Parts, Cosmetic Containers, Medical Devices, Wood, Packaging, and Housings
BT Series Pad Printing Ink

BT Series Pad Printing Ink

  • High gloss, 1- or 2-component ink
  • High opacity, gloss, and abrasion resistance
  • Print on Translucent Plastics, Injection Molded Products, Ice Packs, Medical Devices, Vinyl Balls, Cosmetic Containers
J3 Series Pad Printing Ink

J3 Series Pad Printing Ink

  • Medical grade, superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals such as alcohol, acids, and alkali
  • High gloss, highly opaque
  • Print on Medical Devices, Catheter Tubes, Dental Floss Dispensers, Vinyl Balls, Injection Molded Products, Cosmetics, and Containers
SB Series Pad Printing Ink

SB Series Pad Printing Ink

  • Excellent adhesion to apparel and rubber-like substrates
  • High flexibility, gloss, and opacity.
  • Print on Stress Balls, Sporting Goods, Skateboard Wheels, Soft Touch Surfaces, Soft PVC, ID Cards, Binders/Report Covers, and Textiles
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