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Applications, Inkjet PrintingApril 4, 2019

Application Spotlight: Printing on Candle Holders

Applications, Inkjet Printing
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The Application:

A candle holder is used to house wax candles as they melt. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, candle holders offer a bit of decorative flair while practical. Some holders are meant to be re-used where the candle is placed inside of the holder, in most cases, they are sold separately from the candle. Others, however, house the candle already inside the holder, meant to be used and discarded. Essentially a blank canvas, with the right tool any type of candle holder could become the centerpiece of a decorative space.

What Materials are Candle Holders Made of?

Candle holders are typically made of glass or ceramic. Resistance to heat is important for obvious reasons which are why glass and ceramic work well. In addition, candle holders are available in a variety of other materials such as metal, wood, and even silicone.


How to print on glass candle holders?

printing-on-candle-holdersIn this instance, glass is used as an example because it is the most frequently used substrate in the candle holder market. In the past, a candle holder was decorated by applying an adhesive sticker to the cylindrical glass holder. Still widely used today, adhesive labels are the go-to solution due to technological limitations. Recently, technology has introduced us to a new way of printing on glass candle holders directly, without the need to apply any adhesive labels.


Check out the video:

Rotary inkjet printing is a quick and easy way to decorate glass candle holders digitally. Particularly, the quality of the print is much higher than other methods as it offers full-color CMYK+WW and optional varnish (for a nice glossy look) at 1200dpi. The machine allows for 360-degree printing on a candle holder, capable of offering a seamless wrap.

Why is Digital Printing on Glass Candle Holders a Better Solution?

printing-on-candle-holdersFirst, we need to understand what digital printing is.  At a very basic level, digital printing is taking a graphic from a computer. The graphic could be a vector or a photograph, it doesn’t matter. The graphic is reproduced in a physical form in an exact representation of the digital file to a substrate. The substrate is not necessarily the finished product.

Inkjet printing on glass candle holders offers the best digital printing solution than other methods. The graphic is printed directly to the candle holder with the highest degree of accuracy in terms of image quality and color representation. Additionally, Inkjet printing eliminates the need to apply adhesive labels because the item is printed directly. Another benefit of inkjet printing is the manufacturer has the flexibility to print as little as one candle holder (for personalization) or hundreds at no change in the cost per print. Other print methods are simply not cost effective for printing single units.

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Printer Used in this Project:

Machine: The Helix rotary inkjet printer

Ink: DL Series UV Inkjet Ink

Pre-treatment: Magicoat

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