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Applications, How-To, Inkjet PrintingMarch 28, 2019

How to Promote Your Company with Direct to Shape Printing

Applications, How-To, Inkjet Printing
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Direct to shape printing is an ideal way to expose more customers to your brand. Whether you use it for sponsorship, brand recognition, or advertise a specific product, direct to shape printing can be a vital tool in your marketing arsenal. While there are numerous applications and uses for direct to shape printing, here are some ways to utilize this type of printing to help promote your company.

Customized Packaging

Packaging is often an afterthought for many companies, but it can be one of the first impressions your company makes. The package you display and deliver your product in is valuable real estate when it comes to getting your brand message across and leaving a lasting impression with your customer. When used as part of a display, your packaging can be the tool that draws customers to your product in a sea of competition.

Direct to shape printing allows you to mark and decorate your packaging and shipping supplies to reinforce your brand in the customer’s mind and draw them to your product. The packaging also serves as a secondary advertising vessel when others are exposed to it through repeat viewing. Printing options such as inkjet and pad printing machines allow you to place a durable one to four-color image directly on your packaging, allowing it to look like it is part of the packaging material.

Community Sponsorship

Getting your name out in the community is a crucial component of marketing. Even if your product is made for national or even international audiences, making your presence known in your local community will go a long way in earning you the goodwill of the area where your employee pool will come from and who will benefit most from your continued success.

So how can direct to shape printing help you market yourself through community sponsorship? Direct to shape printing allows you to print on numerous types of materials that can be used at local fundraisers and outreach events. Sponsoring a fundraising golf event? Put your marketing message on golf balls, shirts, caps, towels, drink holders, water bottles, plastic cups, and any other object that players and supporters will be able to see your brand name and message. Not only will you be repeatedly exposing them to your brand but you will also connect in their minds your company’s commitment to their community and causes that they hold dear.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials can be used as part of a continued marketing strategy for any type of company no matter the target market. All customers appreciate a gift, and by giving them a promotional item that displays your brand message, you will be reminding them of your company and keeping their attention with every use. Promotional materials are also an integral part of tradeshows, with many companies competing to provide the most unique and memorable take-a-ways.

Direct to shape printing provides you with high-quality promotional items by allowing printing to occur and cure directly on the item. Through the use of jigs, you can have pieces mass printed with your specific designs and colors. Direct to shape printing can use inkjet or pad printing technology to print on any types of product no matter the texture, angles, or shape, making your image fit to the curves and shape of the piece you are printing it on.

Allow direct to shape printing to help you step up your marketing game by using it to create one-of-a-kind promotional materials, get your name and brand message out at community sponsorship events, and allow your packaging to make a lasting impression with your customers and those around them. Contact Inkcups today to learn more!.

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