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Double Helix® Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

Double Helix® Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The Double Helix® cylindrical inkjet printer is the latest addition to the successful Helix® Digital Cylinder Printer line. This new UV cylindrical printer features two print fixtures for double the production volume. With this increase in speed, this machine is best geared toward industries where production runs are medium to high including the drinkware market, barware market, spirit market, craft brew market (including cans and bottles), candle market and many more. This cylindrical inkjet printer is capable of printing two of the same parts, simultaneously.

As with its standard counterpart, the Double Helix® was designed to print full-color (CYMKWW+V) images on straight-walled and tapered cylinders. Achieve design techniques such as mirror print, tip-to-tip printing, spot varnish and more at extremely high-quality color reproduction. The Double Helix® utilizes patented Helix® technology in combination with the best print head technology to deliver 7-picoliter of ink droplets precisely along the surface of the vessel while it is spinning at a high rate. Print two parts up to 12 in (305 mm) in length and artwork up to 8.6 in (220 mm) in length.

Part or tooling changeover is just as simple as the flagship Helix® but is doubled. Still the fastest in the industry, part changeover with the Double Helix® takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. The automatic height adjust makes it easier than ever to ensure your part is at the right angle to print flawless graphics. Inkcups offers a custom tooling service for all customers to perfectly fit the Double Helix® to get you up and running quickly. We take dimensions of your products, develop the concept, prove it out, create the tooling and test it. Our custom tooling team is well-versed in many substrates and in combination with their Helix® knowledge, are able to create the best fixture per part.

The Double Helix® cylindrical inkjet printer accepts all UV inks by Inkcups. Add transparent pin curing (TPC) in combination with our patented MagiCoat® Pre-Treatment Solution and DL UV inkjet ink for glass to get the best adhesion to glassware, barware, spirit bottles, beer bottles and more. This full-solution ensures printhead longevity as well as a sanitary process from start to finish.

Serviceability on the Double Helix® is easier than ever. Recent upgrades to the interior of this cylindrical inkjet printer make it more efficient to service. The Double Helix® now features a wider frame with an illuminated interior making it easier to access frequently adjusted parts of the machine.

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Digital Cylinder Printers by Inkcups Overview brochure
Double Helix® Brochure
Double Helix® Video demonstration


Product Type
Cylinder or Taper (360 degree print)
Speed (based on bed size)
6 ppm (depending on image size)
Part Diameter
51 mm - 114 mm (2 - 4.5 in)
Part Length
76 mm - 305 mm (2 - 12 in)
Lamp Style
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
CMYKWW (Varnish optional)
Print Modes
4 pass • 6 pass • 8 pass • 12 pass • 16 pass • 24 pass
Bulk Ink System
3 Liter
Dimensions (lxwxh)
2.31 x 0.64 x 1.68 m (91 x 25 x 66 in)
220/208 VAC, Single Phase, 4 Amp
Maximum Resolution
Bed Type
1,230 lbs. (558 kg)


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