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Inkjet PrintingJuly 18, 2022

The Benefits of Going Digital with Inkcups: Print Consistency Video

Inkjet Printing
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Double Helix Benefits

Transcribed Print Consistency Video:

We’ve seen a great deal of inconsistency worldwide from the suppliers of these blanks. The Helix® comes with a feature called Out of Round check. This feature acts as a crash protection first and foremost, it doubles as a tool to wean out inconsistent product before printing. The end result is less head crash, less machine interruption, and more printing up time. TPC or transparent pin curing is another feature that the Helix® is equipped with. With most UV digital printers it’s very common to have to stuff transparent vessels with a UV blocking agent otherwise, you run the risk of curing printheads. The problems with these UV blocking agents: number one, it adds labor and number two, it introduces an element of dust and debris to the process. TPC takes away the necessity of filling such bottles. HMI or human machine interface for the Helix® is 100% property of Inkcups. Any customization of this software is no problem we own all rights to make improvements and revisions to the software as we see fit. If customers can think of it we can make it happen. One of the key HMI customizations is the production log feature. This tool provides production supervisors real-time dat. This data can be captured as frequently as the supervisor would like some choose to do it daily, weekly, monthly, it’s really up to the end user. With one click of the mouse this data can be saved to a network. This data contains print speed, ink consumption, operator efficiencies, and so on. Custom data dashboards can then be created by the production supervisor. This meaningful data can then be managed through Microsoft Excel. The end result is better decision making, forecasting, and machine efficiencies.

Find out additional information about the full line of drinkware printing machine offerings by Inkcups: the Helix®, Double Helix®, and Revolution® on our Cylindrical Inkjet Printers page.

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