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Revolution® High-Speed Digital Cylinder Printer

Revolution® High-Speed Digital Cylinder Printer

The Revolution® is a high-speed cylindrical inkjet printer that offers full-color 360° graphics, unparalleled print quality, and speed. Ideal for manufacturers who need more flexibility in volume printing. The Revolution UV cylinder printer offers smooth, seamless graphics in vibrant CMYK with a dedicated white print head and varnish, all standard on each machine. In addition, the Revolution boasts 12 stations, automatic load/unload, an integrated pre-treatment system, and can print up to 600 parts per hour.

For high-speed plateless bottle printing and other applications, the Revolution® uses Inkcups’ patented helical printing image engine to achieve higher quality prints at a resolution of 702 x 900 dpi. Compared to single-pass printing, the Revolution® can print longer images (up to 220 mm) without stitching. The helical image engine offers interlaced inkjet droplets promoting uniform coverage and significantly reduces banding and lines in print.

Easily integrate a fully automated process into production. The Revolution® high-speed digital cylinder printer excels at automatic handling of parts from loading, to pre-treatment, to print. The addition of a production queue software, a feature that will automatically change the artwork to the next job once the prior job has completed, completely eliminates the need for an operator to devote all their time to a single machine.

The Revolution® high-speed digital cylinder printer is capable of utilizing any one of our UV inks. Our in-house application experts will work to identify which mix works best with your substrates. For more information about our process, read The Importance of Choosing the Right Digital Ink.

Print Innovation

The Revolution® VS Single Pass Printing





Product Type
Cylinder or Taper (360 degree print)
Part Diameter
63.5 mm - 115 mm (2.5 x 4.5 in)
Part Length
76 mm - 305 mm (3 x 12 in)
Lamp Style
8W LED for pin cure & final cure
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
Bulk Ink System
3 Liter
Dimensions (lxwxh)
2724 mm x 1778 mm x 2260.6 mm (107 x 70 x 89 in)
3 Phase 380/220 VAC & Single Phase, 220 VAC @ 8 AMP
Maximum Resolution
900 dpi
Bed Type


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