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Headquarters Expanded

ICN doubles office and production space in Danvers, MA

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Inkcups Now Settles into New and Improved Office

by Ben Marcal

Ben Adner (president) and his Inkcups Now troops did not have to move far to secure the benefits of a brand new office with double the space as ICN expanded their office operations by taking over another floor in the same building at 20 Locust St. in Danvers, Massachusetts. The move has doubled the space to 12,000 sq. feet for both manufacturing and office responsibilities, enabling the company to be more efficient and professional.

Downstairs in manufacturing, ICN took full advantage of the new space by adding additional equipment including sheers, plate punching machines, silicon mixing stations and laser engraving machines, while expanding their pad printing and screen printing equipment storage.

With ink sales growing at a rate of 40% per year, it was imperative to also expand in-house ink storage. Adner explains, “Ink sales are such and important source of revenue that it is very comforting and a lot more efficient to have all of our inks on hand. In this way, we can offer same day ink shipments that our customers and markets demand. We’ve doubled that shelf space and now have room for possibly another line of ink.”

Overall, the company’s expanded manufacturing area allows for more process oriented production. “We finally have defined stations for our different products,” explains Sean Metzler, the floor manager and pad making specialist, “the pad making, plate making, plate punching, pad printing, ink mixing, and shipping/receiving departments all have their own space, which allows each one to stay clean and productive. I can focus solely on pad making without having to worry about interfering with the plate department. At the end of the day, the products stream from their station directly into shipping. It’s great!”

Besides the doubled space for offices upstairs, the first thing one notices upon walking into the new and improved corporate ICN headquarters is the liveliness. The new office has an energetic, open atmosphere that makes any visitor feel like part of the company. There are pictures of ink cups, pads, plates and ICN’s new Sapphire Ink series that line the wall with color. The new surround sound system playing soft-rock all day is a huge improvement from the old single-unit boom box that ICN used to use downstairs.

ICN's front office personnel made up of Adner, Elaine Brown, Mike Bissel, Bonaventure Mutuku, Bob Taylor, Pete Baxer, Kyle Warne, and Derek LaChance are set up in a line each with a desk, two windows, and a computer. This bullpen style was made possible only by the new space and has proved to be an underrated key feature to the success of the company. "This is a very detail oriented business and the open environment promotes communication about new projects and allows for discussions regarding customer orders or issues. This way we are in a position to ship products with accuracy the same day they’re ordered" explains Adner. The separation also appears to add an element of relaxation to the office, explains Bob Taylor, “I am walking up and down the stairs a lot more, but it is nice to not have to compete with the loud machinery and hectic nature of manufacturing. I can focus on my daily tasks in a more comforting atmosphere which makes my work better.”

The new office space has also let ICN hire more workers for the office, a move that was very necessary to the growth of ICN. "The new office space allowed us to add more desks so that we could bring on Maria Savelyeva (Marketing), Ben Marcal (Marketing/Sales), and Kyle Warne (Accounting), and leave the day to day operations to the sales and customer service people. Everything has gone to plan so far."

Ben “Junior” Marcal is an undergraduate student at Babson College in
Wellesley, Massachusetts where he is studying Business Administration and Economics.
He is a native of Lexington, Massachusetts and is the newest member of the ICN family.

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