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All About UV Flatbed Printers

Industrial UV flatbed printers are adept at decorating a diverse array of flat and slightly curved objects using digital UV-curable inks. With the utilization of such a printer, digital images or designs can be directly printed onto various materials, spanning plastic, glass, wood, stainless steel, ceramic, metal, and more. However, it’s essential to note that UV flatbed printers are primarily suited for flat and slightly curved products due to the configuration of their print heads. Achieving optimal print quality entails positioning the product as close to the print area as possible without physical contact. This meticulous approach ensures that when the print heads disperse the ink onto the product’s surface, the result is a crisp resolution devoid of any sprayed appearance. A final distinguishing feature of UV flatbed printers is a traveling fixture, that sends the part(s) into the machine to be printed and then back out.

For cylindrical vessels such as drinkware, consider a UV Cylindrical inkjet printer.


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