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XJET Switch Flatbed UV Printer for Tote Bags

XJET Switch Flatbed UV Printer for Tote Bags

The XJET Switch is a specialized flatbed UV printer for full-color direct to reusable bag applications. This cutting-edge machine harnesses the power of UV curable inks and advanced digital printing technology, enabling seamless production of vibrant, high-quality prints directly onto flat surfaces, including bags. The XJET Switch boasts a total print area of 13.8 inches x 25.6 inches (350 mm x 650 mm) with a maximum part height of 8 inches (203.2 mm).

Distinguished by its patented continuous printing technology, this state-of-the-art device allows operators to load products while the machine is in operation, optimizing production efficiencies. This flatbed UV printer enables the addition of multiple plates within the maximum width. It also facilitates a seamless switch from 180-degrees to 90-degrees for in-process pre-treatment. Moreover, the intuitive tooling design ensures effortless loading and unloading, while an optional smart spring-loaded tooling system further enhances convenience.

In terms of hardware excellence, the XJET Switch surpasses expectations. Equipped with two 16-watt UV lamps featuring variable power controls for utmost flexibility across different substrates, it delivers exceptional results. Additionally, the printer incorporates automatic purging, wiping, and capping stations, white recirculation capabilities, and uni- and bi-directional printing options. Harnessing the power of intuitive software, the XJET Switch allows for substrate-specific recipe storage and empowers users to create customized print modes, striking the perfect balance between speed and quality.

Unlike traditional printing methods such as screen printing or heat transfer, UV printing on tote bags offers the advantage of full-color (CMYKWW) graphics and images that are ready for shipping immediately after printing. The XJET Switch’s revolutionary UV printing eliminates the need for additional curing steps, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, this advanced flatbed UV printer significantly reduces waste compared to alternative methods, enabling customers to embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly printing process.

The XJET Switch paired with XFLEXX UV ink can reproduce vibrant, full-color images on any surface color. Notably, the inclusion of XFLEXX Vivid White sets new benchmarks, with white logos and graphics appearing 30% more opaque than competing inks, rivaling the quality of screen printing.





XJET Switch Brochure
XFlexx Ink Cyan SDS Safety Data Sheet
XFlexx Ink Magenta SDS Safety Data Sheet
XFlexx Yellow Ink SDS Safety Data Sheet
XFlexx Ink Black SDS Safety Data Sheet
XFlexx White Ink SDS Safety Data Sheet
XFlexx Ink Vivid White Compliance Document


Product Type
Flat or slightly curved
Bed Size
25.6" x 13.8" (650 mm x 350 mm)
Max. Part Height
8" (203.2 mm)
Lamp Style
(2) 16W UV Lamps with Variable Power
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
Print Modes
Uni/Bi Directional
Dimensions (lxwxh)
108" x 79" x 90" (2.75 m x 2.01 m x 2.3 m)
220 VAC, Single Phase/ Electrical Receptacle: L6-20R/ Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz Auto Switching/ Current Max: 20A
Bed Type
Flatbed with servo indexer
3200 lbs (1452 kg)


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