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ApplicationsSeptember 12, 2023

Untapped Branding Opportunity: Clear Concert Bags

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We’ve all experienced it before: after waiting in line for an hour, you finally reach the entrance of the security line, only to discover that bags of any kind are not allowed, except for clear security bags. These shiny, plain and clear concert bags offer a great surface for decoration but can be quite challenging to work with. Fortunately, with digital UV flatbed printers, it’s now easy to print additional branding on the front of the bag. 

Typically, manufacturers make stadium-approved bags from clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC.  These materials are particularly difficult to decorate due to their susceptibility to heat. Therefore, you cannot use traditional decoration methods such as heat transfer, screen printing, or sublimation. The remaining options for decoration include digital printing and pad printing. 

Clear Concert Bag Policies in Place 

Today, many events, ranging from concerts to sporting events to festivals, require attendees to forgo backpacks or purses and instead use clear bags to store their personal belongings. These events often impose size restrictions as well. If you need more information about specific venue requirements, please visit the venues website. 

For example, the National Football League (NFL) has implemented strict guidelines for fans attending their events regarding the clear bag policy. This policy was introduced back in 2013, and since then, many other establishments have adopted similar policies based on the NFL’s approach. The NCAA and PGA Tour have implemented similar policies.  

The NFL specifies that bags must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Additionally, the bags must not have buckles, grommets, hardware or décor on any part of the bag. The page continues to outline branding confinements, allowing a logo to be printed on one side of the bag. From the rendering on the page, one could gather that logos approximately 5” x 5” would be acceptable. 

Decorating Clear Security Bags   

But what is the best method to decorate clear bags, without any heat? A second consideration when printing on clear plastic is the nature of the substrate, which is flexible, therefor any ink used on the product will need to be flexible as well.  

Digitally decorating clear concert security bags offers high-quality full-color prints that paired with the correct UV ink will promote adhesion. Utilize the allowed space to further promote a brand, whether it be a national team or at the collegiate level.  

Full-Color Printing 

Digital printing enables the use of vibrant, full-color designs without limitations. You can reproduce intricate details, gradients, and shading accurately, resulting in visually stunning bags that grab attention. In order for the bag to clear security we recommend contacting venues to ensure that the logo or design is within the limit set forth by the venue.  


Digital printing allows for highly customizable designs. You can easily print logos, branding, artwork, or any other visual elements directly onto the bag. This level of customization helps promote brands, sponsors, or specific events, enhancing the overall visual appeal.  

Durability with Digital UV Printing  

Digital UV flatbed printers use UV-cured inks that bond with the surface of the bag, creating a durable and long-lasting decoration. The printed design resists fading, scratching, and rubbing off, ensuring that the bag maintains its visual appeal even with regular use. 

Quick Turnaround Time 

Digital printing is a fast process that requires minimal setup compared to traditional methods like screen printing. This allows for quicker production times, making it ideal for producing large quantities of decorated bags within tight deadlines. Furthermore, bags can be printed as little as one-offs or as high as long runs.  

XJET Switch for Digitally Decorating Concert Bags 

The XJET Switch is an industrial direct-to-bag printer designed to print full-color CMYKWW on a wide range of reusable bags, totes, concert security bags, and similar items. It incorporates advanced features that make decorating even challenging substrates, such as thin and clear bags, a streamlined process. 

Some notable features of the XJET Switch include automatic purging, wiping, and caping stations, which ensure proper maintenance and operation of the printer. It also includes a white recirculating system, which is necessary as generally white UV ink has heavy pigment particles. Additionally, the printer employs a servo control indexer, bi- and uni-directional printing, two 16W adjustable UV lamps, and safety features such as a light curtain. 

The XJET Switch is manufactured with high-volume production in mind, designed to operate continuously for three shifts. It can be easily customized based on customer requirements to accommodate the desired number of platens, within the printable area. The standard configuration of the printer consists of four rotating platens, with two on each side, enabling efficient loading and unloading of bags during the printing process. 

The XFLEXX UV Ink Series is the recommended ink for promoting adhesion on PVC reusable bags. This ink series is exceptional in it’s ability to be both flexible and durable. Additionally, the series includes a Vivid White, which rivals the white achieved in competitive methods such as screen printing, resulting in a vibrant white print.

By leveraging the benefits of digital decoration, you can enhance the visual appeal of clear plastic concert bags, promote branding or events effectively, and create a memorable experience for attendees. Contact your local sales representative at Inkcups today to get started.  

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