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Applications, Inkjet PrintingJuly 22, 2021

Edible Printing Machine for Large Production

Applications, Inkjet Printing
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Edible Ink Printed Cookies

Please note that as of April 2023 the X2® has been discontinued, please see the X5® in its place. 

Personalization for gifting and promotional items remains on the rise. To stay current, think outside the oven.  Step out of you comfort zone and differentiate your company by printing your logo with edible ink on sugar cookies, marshmallows, or dog treats! The ability to digitally print photographic quality images or full color logos in-house on edible items will elevate your business. Let Inkcups help you find the right edible printing machine for your business. We have edible printer for macaroons, edible printer for cookies, an edible printer for candies, all know as the Edijet for X2® and X5® flatbed printing machine.

What to look for in an Edible Printing Machine

There are three main considerations when deciding which edible printing machine is the best fit for your business: bed size, height capabilities, and production speed.  Inkcups has two printers that can be easily upgraded to print with edible inks, the X2® and X5®. That being said, a printer that has previously printed with standard ink should never be later used with edible ink, the risk for cross-contamination is too high. Both machines are UV flatbed printers that can be retrofit with an EdiJET which contains a high resolution 4 color CMYK printhead fit to handle edible inks.

X5® UV Flatbed Printer

X5 UV flatbed printerThe X5® UV flatbed printer has the print area capability of 43” x 24”, accommodating heights up to 6”. Like the X2®, the X5® can also be retrofit with an EdiJET to print with edible ink while keeping all the classic features of the X5®.

The X5® EdiJET print speed is the same as the X2® EdiJET but the X5® is able to support twice the amount of cookies per cycle due to the larger print area. Due to this, the X5® is twice as productive as the X2®. If you’re looking for the most output, the X5® EdiJET would be your best fit.

Watch the X5® EdiJET in action printing on cookies here.


X2® UV Flatbed Printer

The X2® UV flatbed printer that has a print area capability of 20” x 24”. It can accommodate heights up to 2.95”. The X2® EdiJET contains all the features of the X2 but is equipped with an edible ink delivery system.

The X2® EdiJET is perfect for large production and can print an entire tray of high-resolution images on cookies in a mere four minutes and 45 seconds. Even better, the ink cost per cookie is less than one cent. Watch it in action here.

The X2® EdiJET really shines when it comes to printing small images or words on candied coated chocolates, small chocolates, or mints.

What can you print on?

With the use of edible printing machines like the X2® EdiJET or X5® EdiJET, you can print on flat cookies, fondant, macaroons, cakes, chocolates, marshmallows, candies, and mints. These printers can accommodate pretty much any edible item you can think of that is flat. Even man’s best friend can enjoy a dog biscuit printed with edible inks.

Edible inks show up the best when printing over white or light colored frosting. This is because the printer uses CMYK ink, white edible ink is not available.

Personalized Candy Coated Chocolates

Edible Inks

Edible inks have been around since the 1980s, with the first patent for food printing granted in 1981 to the Keebler Company. Today, ever upward personalization trends keep edible inks relevant.  From celebratory cookies with photographic quality imagery printed on it to personalized candied coated chocolates, the demand for edible inks remains strong.

Inkcups’ selection of inks would not be complete without an edible variety. Our edible ink line is Candymark which comes in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Food Industry Certifications

Edible inks are safe for human consumption and Inkcups’ Candymark edible inks meet FDA regulations. Candymark edible inks are alcohol-based and are made up items already occurring in food we consume daily, like carbohydrates, sodium, and food coloring.  The inks themselves have no flavors and will not alter the taste of your confection. Therefore, the ink will only enhance the visual aspect of your baked good, it will not change the flavor in anyway.

Compliance Testing

The Candymark edible inks are considered Kosher and are recognized safe and compliant under section 21CFR part 170-189. Find all of our safety sheets for each Candymark edible ink color under our Resources page.

Who can Benefit?

Here at Inkcups, we believe that those in the bakery industry can benefit the most from purchasing one of our edible printing machines. With the addition of a X2® EdiJET or X5® EdiJET to your bakery you could now offer high quality photographs on cookies, cakes, or cupcakes, as well as printing promotional logos on cookies for corporate events all at ease to you. As previously mentioned, there is no risk of altering the flavor of your baked goods as the ink is taste-free, allowing your finished product to shine with your intended flavor. Can you image the time saved by printing a company’s logo onto a cookie, rather than hand piping it on?

Call Inkcups today for more information, 978-646-8980. Or simply contact us.


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