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Employee SpotlightsNovember 18, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Christian

Employee Spotlights
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Christian Krenzer

For this employee spotlight, meet Christian, our Warehouse and Office Assistant from our Inkcups Germany office.

Q. How long have you been with Inkcups?
A. I have been working at Inkcups since March 2021.

Q. What is your favorite part about your job?
A. To have responsibility and to have such a varied job. Every day there are new tasks to master! And of course, my work colleagues!!!

Q. How long have you been in the industry?
A. I have been working in my industry for 8 years now. My job at Inkcups differs a little from my background as Inkcups has a few more fields of activity.

Q. What is your favorite quality about Inkcups as a company?
A. 1) I am very convinced of the products.
2) I like the fact that I can determine my own work processes.
3) I also appreciate that my colleagues from the USA are very helpful with any request, no matter what it is.
4) And it is exciting to watch Inkcups grow.

Q. Outside of work, what is your favorite pastime or hobby?
A. Music is a big part of me. I DJ and have already produced a few things myself.
I am also very active and have strength trained for many years. I love to do normal things like traveling and going out with my friends as well.

Q. What is something you think everyone should know about Inkcups?
A. Everyone should know about the innovative products and services Inkcups offers.
They should check out our clearly arranged website with informative pictures, videos about machines, and our history!

As Christian said, we have lots of videos of our machines on YouTube… check them out here. Speaking of which, have you had a chance to catch our latest series of YouTube videos? We have been posting weekly “Benefits of Going Digital with Inkcups” videos and they are a wealth of knowledge and feature some of our employees you may not have seen yet! Check out our latest video, The Benefits of Going Digital with Inkcups: UV Cylinder Printer Image Quality and Color Accuracy.

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