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Applications, Inkjet PrintingJanuary 28, 2020

The 5 Best Applications for Flatbed Printers

Applications, Inkjet Printing
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Application for flatbed printers

Flatbed printers have come a long way in recent years to offer better print quality, higher speeds, and larger print beds. Here are the top 5 applications for flatbed printers we see making a big splash in 2020.

Flatbed Printing on Power Banks

flatbed printing on power banksIn today’s world of electronics, power banks have become the savior we all need to keep our stuff charged. They range in size, are easy to come by, and are in high demand. The perfect mix for digital flatbed printing. Whether a power bank just requires a simple logo or full-color graphics, a digital printer is best for the job.


Flatbed Printing on Bags

In the age of restricted use for plastic bags and the rise of reusable bags, the demand for customization is growing. Promotional branding on bags for stores in retail markets is a great solution to offer something that’s better for the environment and help promote your business as well. With new flexible UV ink introduced to the market recently, printing on bags is a real possibility. The print will bend and stretch with the bag.Ā  Digital printing on bags is a great way to change graphics on-demand, offer customization, and improve overall print quality.

Flatbed Printing on Saw Blades

flatbed printing on saw bladesA more industrial application, yet just as important, if not more so, than promotional items. Digital printing on saw blades is a quick and easy solution to print branding and usage information directly onto the blade. If anything regarding the usage changes, the artwork can quickly change as well. Flatbed printers range in bed size, yet most can print multiple saw blades at once. The ink is hard and durable, allowing the print to withstand the wear and tear of a saw blade.


Flatbed Printing on Pop-SocketsĀ®

Pop-sockets are popular among…everybody. It’s a simple invention that gives your phone a stand, grip, and holder. The Pop-socket offers a wide variety of customization options because it is essentially a blank canvas. Excellent for flatbed printing, print any trending graphics instantly with a digital printer. Don’t outsource which requires high minimum orders and long lead times, print them right now in-house.

Eco-Friendly Substrates

flatbed printing on sustainable productsThis one is not a particular application, yet a trend that is coming to hit all industries hard. I’m talking about a sustainable or eco-friendly solution to common items. A popular plastic that is bio-degradable called PLA is making its mark in the plastics industry. Everything from plastic bottles to pens is coming in this plastic material. Also bamboo is a relatively new material that is also bio-degradable and made of sustainable material. We have seen anything from drinkware to dinnerware to straws made of bamboo. The market is demanding a more sustainable solution and it looks like it might finally be here. Be ready to print on everything with your flatbed printers!

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