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Inkjet PrintingOctober 26, 2023

Mastering Canvas Printing with UV Flatbed Technology

Inkjet Printing
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Printing on canvas

We decorate our homes, offices, businesses, and various other spaces we frequent. It is widely believed that decorating these spaces can positively impact our mood, enhance focus, and reduce anxiety. Wall hangings play a significant role in this decoration process. Mirrors, for instance, not only make a space appear larger but also offer functionality. Artwork, ranging from valuable investments to pieces that nourish the soul, is another popular choice. Additionally, photographs and printed canvas are commonly used as decor. 

Frequently, you’ll find wedding photos, newborn shoots, company logos, and product glamour shots adorning the walls of homes and businesses. Yet, how these images came to be is often overlooked. This is where inkjet printers, especially UV flatbed printing machines, play a crucial role. They bring photographs to life on canvas, enabling accurate color reproduction and creating photorealistic prints. Using these printers, canvas becomes an ideal surface for decoration due to its flat nature, inviting various artistic expressions. 

What is the difference between Canvas Art and Printed Canvas? 

Oil and acrylic paintings are commonly done on stretched canvas, but artists also use canvas for various other techniques and mixed media creations. Depending on the artist’s preference, the artwork can either wrap around the edges of the canvas or be left blank to be framed later. Some artists choose to paint the sides of the canvas to give it a more complete look and offer the flexibility of hanging it without a frame. 

Printed canvas allows for a wide variety of images, with limitless possibilities due to the use of CMYK + W inks that can recreate any color, resulting in stunning full-color graphics. Printed canvas pieces are often hung without a frame, but they can also be framed if desired. When using UV flatbed printing, the sides of the canvas will typically remain white unless the canvas was printed before being stretched onto the wooden frame. 

Benefits of Printed Canvas 

Printed canvases are becoming increasingly popular for family portraits, wedding photography, and various other uses, surpassing traditional printed photographs. The advantages of printed canvas include cost savings, enhanced durability, no glare (eliminating the need for glass), a wide variety of sizes, and more. Moreover, printed canvases can be significantly cheaper than framing a photograph of the same size. Custom framing costs can vary greatly, with elaborate works often costing hundreds of dollars or more. 

In the workplace, using printed canvases can have a positive impact on the environment. They provide an easy visual and can boost productivity. For inspiration and increased creativity in employees, take a cue from Google’s office spaces, where decoration is used to create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. Canvas art in offices can be customized with company mottos, principles, team photographs, product displays, and more. 

What to look for in a Canvas Art Printer 

A key component to printing on canvas is the ink. Ensure that the ink to be used is high-quality, archival UV inks. With the nature of the piece, one will expect to have the canvas hanging for years to come.  

How to Print on Canvas 

Many companies offer custom canvas printing services by utilizing large format UV printers. There are many available on the market so consider additional areas such as consumables availability and service and support.

X5® UV Flatbed Printer 

The X5® is a high-performance flatbed printer that allows you to print on canvases up to 43.4” x 24”. It uses the latest print head technology and supports CMYK + WW (two highly opaque white inks) with a maximum resolution of 1200 dpi. This printer, along with the X5-T, offers the largest printing space among Inkcups’ UV flatbed printers. 

Besides the X5® and X5-T, Inkcups offers other UV flatbed printers. The XJET 800 and XJET 800T are capable of decorating a print area of 31.5” x 24.4” 

XJET Switch 

The newest addition to the flatbed line is the direct-to-bag UV printer, the XJET Switch. As the name implies, the XJET Switch differentiates itself by its ability to easily switch applications. Decorate bags, totes, soft coolers, hard goods, or canvases with the XJET Switch. The total printable area of the XJET Switch is 13.8” x 25.6” and can be configured to print two or more items within the area.  

Similar to the X5®, the XJET Switch uses CMYK + WW printing to achieve the brightest white print, comparable to the quality achieved with screen printing. 

Remember to consider your specific needs and the capabilities of each printer when choosing the right canvas art printer for your operations. Contact Inkcups today to get started printing on canvas!  

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