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UV Printers

X5® UV Flatbed Printer

X5® UV Flatbed Printer

The X5® UV flatbed printer is a high-performance flatbed that can print a full 43.3″ x 24″ (1,100 x 610 mm) area in two minutes (uni- or bi-directional). Utilizing the latest in print head technology, the high-throughput X5® prints CMYK plus two highly opaque UV LED-curable white inks, with an optional varnish for additional visual impact.

The X5® is designed for heavy-duty industrial printing and promotional products and features a rugged design that can handle near-constant use. Leveraging a large vacuum table and up to four Ricoh Gen 5 print heads, the X5® is able to print flats and hard goods up to 6″ in height. Ideal for full-color on-demand printing, the X5® UV flatbed printer enables users to lower production costs, provide faster response to customers, and handle short-run quantities with customization.

This UV flatbed printer has made recent strides in a number of applications. Utilizing Xflexx Flexible UV Ink, the X5® is able to print on soft goods such as reusable bags and most recently, N95 face masks. The possibilities for this inkjet printer are endless.

As with all Inkcups UV flatbed printers, the X5® is capable of handling a traveling fixture. Inkcups provides a custom tooling service from concept to build.

All digital machines are backed by InkcupCare Warranty with an extended warranty available as well.

Need help with the X5® or any other digital printer? Visit our FAQs section.

  • 1,100 x 610 mm (43 x 24 in) print area
  • 1200 dpi resolution




X5® Brochure
X5® EdiJET Printing on cookies
X5® UV Flatbed Printer for Masks See the X5® print on N95 masks


Product Type
Flat or slightly curved
Bed Size
1100 x 610 mm (43.3 x 24 in)
Speed (based on bed size)
19 m²/hr
Max. Part Height
150 mm (5.9 in)
Lamp Style
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
Print Modes
Bulk Ink System
3 Liter
Dimensions (lxwxh)
2540 x 1320.80 x 1403.35 mm (100 x 52 x 55.25 in)
220 VAC, Single Phase, 15 AMP
Maximum Resolution
Bed Type


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