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 Black light ink for pad printing
 garment labels & t-shirt printing

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BLink311 - Invisible Black Light Ink for Garment Labels & T-shirt Printing

BLink311 is a unique pad printing and screen printing ink for pad printing tagless garment labels and screen printing decorative images on t-shirts and other apparel. The prints are invisible in sunlight or day-like artificial light, and visible in black light. BLink311 black light ink is flexible, soft hand (not noticeable on touch); it complies with apparel industry's wash tests (50 industrial washes) and complies with US and European consumer product standards. This pad printing and screen printing ink is capable of revolutionizing garment tracking and decoration.

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Black light ink for pad & screen printing onto t-shirts The BLink311 invisible ink was initially developed for an apparel manufacturer to mark their "seconds" (substandard items) to facilitate the routing of garments to special channels of distribution. There are many other applications such as putting invisible bar codes on garments to control returns (to ensure that customers return garments to the department store chain from which the garment was originally purchased and not a different one). As pad printing ink, BLink311 can also be used for security, tracking and purchase facilitation, with the potential to have a revolutionary impact on RFID technology.

Used as screen printing ink for t-shirt printing, BLink311 black light ink presents a world of new opportunities to the designers of trendy night club apparel: texts or graphics can be pad printed or screen printed - and the prints will glow and rave in the artificial twilight of the dance floor.

BLink311 ink is heavy metal-free and phthalate-free, compliant with CPSIA'08 and California Proposition 65, also NAMSA certified to cause zero skin irritation. Garment labels and images pad printed with BLink311 supersede heat transfer labels in terms of cost-effectiveness, quality, softness, production flexibility and speed. Here is more information on tagless pad printing and comparison with heat transfer.
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