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Pad Printing Inks

SI-HD Series

SI-HD Series

The SI-HD Series pad printing ink by Inkcups is the all-new ink for pad printing on silicone items such as kitchenware, pet supplies, promotional products, electronic controls and much more! This two-component silicone ink boasts excellent opacity and a glossy finish. The SI-HD Series pad printing ink dries completely in 4-7 minutes after drying in an oven at least 200°F (93°C). After drying, bend, scratch or even pull the item without any harm to your branding.

The SI-HD Series pad printing ink is classified as NT (non-toxic) and is formulated with pigments which are free from heavy metals. This high-density series comes in a multitude of colors and custom color matches are available upon request!

  • High-density ink for silicone substrates
  • Extremely opaque



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