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Pad Printing Inks

SI-HD Series Pad Printing Silicone Ink

SI-HD Series Pad Printing Silicone Ink

The SI-HD Series pad printing ink by Inkcups is the all-new ink for pad printing on silicone items such as kitchenware, pet supplies, promotional products, electronic controls and much more! This two-component silicone ink boasts excellent opacity and a glossy finish. The SI-HD Series pad printing ink dries completely in 4-7 minutes after drying in an oven at least 200°F (93°C). After drying, bend, scratch or even pull the item without any harm to your branding.

To see silicone ink printing and adhesion testing in action, check out our video Silicone Printing: How to Test if your Product is actually Silicone.

Our Silicone ink is made up of mostly silicone because the only thing that adheres to silicone is silicone. Silicone ink is the only type of print that can bend, stretch, and move with silicone as well as withstand high temperatures that silicone is known to frequently be used for. Once fully cured, silicone ink will hold up to anything silicone can.

SI Series silicone ink can be either pad printed or screen printed. While we recommend pad printing, due to the ease, screen printing can certainly be an option. Pad printing lays down less ink to achieve the same look, therefore ink costs are down and curing time is shortened. Find out more in our blog post about Silicone printing: Pad printing vs Screen Printing.

The SI-HD Series pad printing ink is classified as NT (non-toxic) and is formulated with pigments which are free from heavy metals. This high-density series comes in a multitude of colors and custom color matches are available upon request!

  • High-density ink for silicone substrates
  • Extremely opaque


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