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Pad Printing Machines

2200-C 2-Color Pad Printer with Carousel

2200-C 2-Color Pad Printer with Carousel

The 2200-C 2-color pad printer with carousel is a heavy-duty, sealed-cup pad printing machine. It has a precision 8-station carousel-style part-transport system design to ensure close-tolerance part positioning. The carousel’s design includes a precision shot-pinned (positive lock) tooling registration feature that ensures close-tolerance part positioning. The single-point fixture mounting reduces typical fixture costs and facilitates rapid changeover of tooling. These features, coupled with XYR micro-adjust plate holder assemblies and tool-less quick-adjust pad mount, make this 2-color pad printer with carousel rapid to set-up.

With its membrane-touch control, all setup features are simple and easy to program, including pad stroke, pad delay, ink mixing, ink pick-up frequency and part index. The durable 2200-C 2-color pad printer with carousel has amble compression capability and is able to accommodate large, hard print pads- making it one of the most versatile, capable and cost-effective 2-color pad printers with carousel available on the market. 

  • 2-color pad printer
  • 8 station carousel




ICN-2200C Brochure
ICN-2200C Video Demonstration


Number of Colors
Max. Image Size
Max. Part Height
101.6 mm
Max. Speed
Ink Cup Size
90 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1382 x 838 x 1380
Available Automation
Mounting Options
Base cabinet


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