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2200LI 1-Color Long Image Pad Printing Machine

2200LI 1-Color Long Image Pad Printing Machine

The 2200-LI is a 1-color long image pad printer perfect for promotional items or sporting goods. This machine features a 1-color, heavy-duty sealed 90mm VersaCup® along with a double-sided ceramic ring. The 2200-LI 1-color large image pad printer utilizes a long pad, 12.99” (330mm) in length to print a full image onto hockey sticks, rulers and other long items.

This machine is great for printing one long graphic onto a long piece or two smaller graphics on one item. The 2200-LI 1-color larger image pad printer is compatible will all Inkcups solvent-based pad printing inks. Additionally, artwork for the 2200-LI 1-color long image pad printer can either be etched by Inkcups or etched utilizing one of our computer-to-plate laser plate-makers.

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ICN-2200LI Product Manual


Number of Colors
Max. Image Size
330 mm (12.99 in)
Max. Part Height
152 mm (6 in)
Max. Speed
Ink Cup Size
90 mm (3.5 in)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
770 x 800 x 1372 mm (30.3 x 31.5 x 54 in)
Mounting Options
Base cabinet


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