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Pad Printing Auxiliary Machines

UV Exposure Units

UV Exposure Units

Inkcups UV exposure units are designed for curing photopolymer plates. Each model provides quick and easy exposing of plates. The simplistic interface creates a hassle-free exposure. No vacuum is necessary for these units as it contains a secure locking mechanism to hold any type of photopolymer plate as well as film positive and screen film.

The UV lamps are positioned in such a way that you can create sharp, even photopolymer plates every time. Inkcups UV exposure units are rugged machines designed for industrial environments and can withstand the wear and tear of day to day use. Additional features include a digital LED readout on a timer.

Additional accessories are also available such as replacement lights, laser/inkjet film positives, line screen, plate developer & washout trays, and of alcohol wash/ water wash photopolymer plates.

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