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Inkjet Printing, Laser Plate-making, Pad Printing, Pad Printing Ink, TradeshowsDecember 30, 2016

New Products to be Showcased at PPAI 2017 [Press Release]

Inkjet Printing, Laser Plate-making, Pad Printing, Pad Printing Ink, Tradeshows
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Inkcups Now, Corp. (Danvers, MA) is featuring groundbreaking pad printing and inkjet technology at the 2017 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, NV January 10-12. Located at booth #6955, Inkcups will show numerous machine demonstrations and will have our expert team available for any questions. Don’t miss out!

This years’ line-up of state-of-the-art industrial printers include:

Xjet 800 New!

The XJET800 is an all-new industrial inkjet printer designed for high volume production demand. Featuring the latest print head technology: the Ricoh Gen 5 print head allows for a higher quality print at a fraction of the time effectively increasing production speed. The XJET800 doubles the size of the print area compared to the XJET yet still maintains a rapid cycle time.

DuraLaze New!

DuraLaze plates have been specifically designed to provide long life, high-resolution half-tone images when using the Cobalt 2000 Diode laser system. The exceptionally smooth and durable surface is ideal for small fine detail or medium to bold images incorporating a dot pattern. DuraLaze is ideal for use in the garment printing industry and is capable of producing up to 20,000 impressions per plate under proper printing conditions.

AutoFlame 360 New!

The AutoFlame 360 is a revolutionary machine that automates the flame treating process. Flame treatment is common with certain substrates in order to enhance ink adhesion through the manipulation of surface tension.


The latest revolution in inkjet printing – introducing the Helix® rotary inkjet printer for straight-walled and tapered cylinders. The Helix® is designed to print superior quality single or multicolor images – ideal for the drinkware, cosmetic and industrial printing industries.

Cobalt 2000

Engineered for both large and small printing facilities, this revolutionary pad printing platemaker was developed in-house by Inkcups Now engineers and features Patent Pending WFC Technology that enables the etching of precise, fine line graphics quickly and easily.

ICN 150

Ideal for large-part pad printing, the ICN 150 handles 150mm ink cups that enable printed images up to 140mm in diameter- significantly larger than the industry standard. It is offered as a 1- or 2-color printer and produces crisp, accurate graphics due to its excellent pad compression capability.


The ICN-2200-PS is a 2-color sealed-cup pad printing machine with a heavy-duty dual-position pneumatic pad-slide mechanism. The pad slide simplifies part fixturing and assures flawless second-color registration on tagless garments, promotional products, and other items. The pad slide also enables a very fast two-color print cycle, facilitating high-volume production.

B100 PC

The ICN B100-Pad Cleaner is the newest addition to the single-color sealed-cup tabletop pad printer family. This pad printer includes an automatic pad cleaning system that ensures your print quality is superior, every time. Utilizing Inkcups’ patented VersaCup® ink cup assembly (two-sided ceramic ring included) and tool-less setup, the B100-PC offers a quick and easy changeover.


Xtrans is a turn-key, all-digital 2-in-1 heat transfer solution. Create amazing quality digital transfer labels in-house for bags at a fraction of the cost compared to other transfer creation methods. This truly versatile machine will not only print stunning digital transfers but also plastic hard goods, much like Inkcups’ X5® flatbed UV Printer.


Inkcups Now offers several lines of inks for specialty printing on 3-dimensional and flat items (such as promotional products, tagless garments, medical and automotive parts, electronic devices) using pad printing machines, screen printing machines, flatbed, and rotary inkjet printers

SI Ink

SI-Series Silicone Ink can print on any items made of silicone rubber including iPad/iPhone cases, custom silicone wristbands, swimming caps and any other popular promotional items made of silicone. Once fully cured, SI Series Silicone ink has a high resistance to abrasion and has great flexibility: bent or stretched, the print will not crack.

Want more information about UV inkjet printers? Check out our Ultimate Guide to UV Inkjet Printers
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