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Pretreatment Systems for Digital Printing

AutoFlame360 Flame Treatment Machine

AutoFlame360 Flame Treatment Machine

The AutoFlame 360 is a revolutionary flame treatment machine that automates the flame treatment process.

Flame treatment is common with certain substrates in order to enhance ink adhesion through the manipulation of surface tension. This industrial machine boasts 8 palettes each with its own vacuum for securely suctioning bottles. Once the bottle reaches the flame, the palette turns 360 degrees allowing the flame to evenly treat the whole bottle. Control the flame height up to 12 inches, slow down or speed up the rotation of the palette and turn suction on and off all from the control panel. This flame treatment machine ensures the bottle does not pass the flame more than once by using a hydraulic system to lightly tap the bottle into a box or a bin.

  • Adjustable burner head up to 12″
  • 8 station Geneva drive
  • Angular burner adjustment for tapered products



Machine dimensions (crated)
50" x 50" x 80" (1270 mm x 1270 mm x 1032 mm)
Machine Weight (crated)
620lbs (281kg)
Platen Diameter
6" (152 mm)
Burner Head Height
8-12" (203-304 mm)
Rotary Dial Diameter
32" (813 mm)
Input Power
115 VAC
Natural gas or propane (tank not included)
Compressed Air
80 psi


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