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ApplicationsJune 28, 2023

Industrial Trends for Large Image Pad Printers

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2023 brings a wave of exciting trends: chunky platform sneakers make a comeback, CBD-infused sparkling water gains popularity as a refreshing beverage choice, and livestream shopping continues to captivate and influence our consumer habits, shaping the way we shop and discover new products. However, pad printing continues to remain dependable when it comes to printing on tricky surfaces. Large image pad printers, such as the ICN-150 in single, two-, four-, or six-color configurations can keep up with anything industries throw at them. As of late these pad printers, like the ICN-150-4 have been mainly utilized for pad printing on industrial parts.

Industrial Based Pad Printing with Large Image Pad Printers

Hard Hats

As OSHA states, employees working in areas where there is a possible danger of head injury from impact, or from falling or flying objects, or from electrical shock and burns, shall be protected by protective helmets,” ensuring both safety and longevity in the hard hat manufacturer industry. Pad printing on hard hats allows the opportunity to print safety information or company branding directly on the outside of the hat.

Print four color logos on hard hats with the ICN-150-4. The BA Series Pad Printing ink as a two-component ink offers exceptional abrasion resistance which can be increased with additional hardener.

Blow Molded Parts

A common manufacturing process for a variety of everyday products is called blow molding. This process forms and joins together two halves of hollow plastic parts like water bottles, shampoo and other toiletry bottles, automotive parts, coolers, and more. Possibly the best example of a blow molded part if you’re having a hard time visualizing it is garden watering cans and refillable gas cans. Typically blow molds are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Instrument Parts

Much like apparel, instruments have labeling requirements. String instruments, such as a violin have a label visible through the f-hole on the bass side which indicates the instruments maker, age, and place of origin. Notoriously easy to remove and replace, pad print the vital information directly into your violin to ensure it will stay for years to come.

Large Image Pad Printers for Industrial Uses

The ICN-150 large image pad printing machine is available in one, two, four, or six colors.


The ICN-150 is a benchtop large image printer perfect for 1-color industrial applications. It is equipped with one 150mm VersaCup®, and one printing pad. Print images up to 5.5” in diameter on a wide variety of substrates.

ICN-150 2-Color

The ICN-150 2-color large image pad printer is a standalone unit mounted on a base cabinet. Equipped with two 150mm VersaCup® and two printing pads, print two colors on a single substrate using a 2-position pneumatic part shuttle to transition from one color to the next.


Large image pad printer the ICN-150 4-color utilizes a 22-station carousel part transport system to create a continuous printing cycle. Equipped with four VersaCup® and four printing pads the ICN-150-4 prints crisp four-color images on a wide variety of industrial products.

ICN-150 6-Color

Print images in six different colors up to 5.5” in diameter with the ICN-160-6. This large image pad printer homes six VersaCup® and six printing pads to achieve six color prints. Achieve 200 impressions per hour with the ICN-150-6, perfect for promotional and industrial printing.

Pad Printing Ink for Industrial Purposes

Any of the ICN-150 pad printers can use the latest eco-friendly pad printing ink, the GN Series, with excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates such as plastic, metal, natural fabrics, and more.  Additionally, the GN Series passes the strictest compliance testing and is free Alogens, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Azo dyes, and the list continues.

Previously mentioned blow molded parts are made from polyethylene which is one of the substrates that GN Series ink displays excellent adhesion to. Violins are manufactured from maple wood, making it another ideal choice of ink, as the GN Series is known for its strong adhesion to wood.


Contact Inkcups today to get started pad printing for industrial purposes. 

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