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Helix®+ UV Cylinder Printer

Helix®+ UV Cylinder Printer

The Helix®+ UV cylinder printer is the perfect segway between the Helix® Digital Cylinder Printer and the Double Helix® Cylindrical Inkjet Printer. This UV cylinder printer contains all the benefits of the Helix ® line of printers with the added bonus of being field upgradeable from a single tunnel machine to a double tunnel machine. The Helix ® + greatly benefits companies who increase their production or increase the number of sku’s.   

The Helix ® + UV cylinder printer is capable of printing full-color (CMYKWW+V) graphics on a variety of vessels and substrates such as stainless-steel tumblers, plastic water bottles, glassware and more. Now equipped with ColorBoost, the Helix+ provides the best quality imaging at faster speeds.  Achieve design techniques such as mirror print, tip-to-tip printing, spot varnish and more at extremely high-quality color reproduction. The Helix®+ utilizes patented Helix® technology in combination with the best print head technology to deliver 7-picoliter of ink droplets precisely along the surface of the vessel while it is spinning at a high rate. Print up to two parts up to 12 in (305 mm) in length and artwork up to 8.6 in (220 mm) in length. 

The Helix®+ UV cylinder printer accepts all UV inks by Inkcups including our all-purpose S1 UV inkjet ink, DL Series UV Ink for glassware, T2 UV ink for Tritan Plastic and more. Add integrated pre-treatment methods such as corona, plasma or jettable primer to further promote adhesion.

Serviceability on the Helix®+ is easier than ever. Recent upgrades to the interior of this cylindrical inkjet printer make it more efficient to service. The Helix®+ now features a wider frame with an illuminated interior making it easier to access frequently adjusted parts of the machine. 

See our full line-up of cylindrical inkjet printers or visit the Support Hub to learn more about this UV printing method. 






Product Type
Cylinder or Taper (360 degree print)
Speed (based on bed size)
3-6 ppm (depending on image size)
Part Diameter
51 mm - 114 mm (2 - 4.5 in)
Part Length
76 mm - 305 mm (2 - 12 in)
Lamp Style
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
CMYKWW (Varnish optional)
Print Modes
4 pass • 6 pass • 8 pass • 12 pass • 16 pass • 24 pass
Bulk Ink System
3 Liter
Dimensions (lxwxh)
2209.80 x 711.2 x 1574.80 mm (87 x 28 x 62 in)
220/208 VAC, Single Phase, 4 Amp
Maximum Resolution
Bed Type
1,230 lbs. (558 kg)


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