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1-color Pad Printers

 Pad Printers

   Comparison chart of 1-color pad printers from Inkcups Now

1-Color Pad Printers

There are thousands of Inkcups Now 1-color pad printers installed around the world, used for printing plastic parts, promotional products as well as tagless labels. Below is a comparison chart for the most important technical characteristics of our 1-color pad printers. Please note that the 2nd chart below lists the common features of all ICN pad printers.

Pad Printers Image Size

Max. Part Height (with fixture)
Max. Speed Compression Dimensions (L x W x H)

Weight (net/ crated)
Why this one's Special

B100 Pad Printer

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More about B100
80mm (3.14")

720- 2100 pph 120 lbs 25 x 14 x 21 inches

95/115 lbs
• Compact tabletop pad printer

• B100 in its standard configuration has been one of our best-sellers in the plastics and promotional product printing industry.

• B100 with tagless garment fixtures has been popular among large garment manufacturers; several hundreds have been installed in the tagless printing market

More about B100 pad printers

B150 Pad Printer

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More about B150
140mm (5.5")

800- 2000 pph 779 lbs 35 x 19 x 30 inches

260/305 lbs
• Large images (industry standard is only 113mm)

• Use as tabletop or benchtop pad printer

• B150 in its standard configuration has been a great success with customers who print drinkware, injection-molded housing, bezels and other large parts.

• B150 with tagless garment fixtures has been very popular with garment manufacturers who need oversized tags; hundreds of these pad printers have been installed in the tagless apparel market

More about B150 pad printers
L, W, H - length, width, height
pph - parts per hour

Features common to all ICN pad printers
  • Come with the patented VersaCups® with 2-sided ceramic rings
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Intuitive membrane-touch control
  • Illuminated plate area
  • Tool-free setup
  • Ample compression to handle large, hard pads
  • Polymer, steel and laser plate capable

  • Auto ink mixing mode
  • Double-print function
  • Programmable pad stroke and delay, ink mixing and ink pick up frequency
  • Programmable delay over the plate and over the part)
  • Parts counter

  • X-Y pad mounts
  • XYR micro-adjust plate holder assemblies
  • Single-point fixture mounting with adjustable hold-down clamps

Our Technical Support is Your Strength

Inkcups Now is built on providing the most attentive and professional technical support in the American specialty printing industry. The idea is quite simple and has been working very well: we invest time in helping you succeed so that you keep ordering our high-quality printing supplies and spread the good word.

Once you get one of the ICN pad printers or any other machine from Inkcups, you are encouraged to come to our headquarters for a full day or two (or as long as you need to become comfortable with your new equipment) of
free training. And after that you receive unlimited phone support from experienced machine, ink and plate technicians. Training programs conducted at your location - either in English or Spanish - can always be arranged. Service visits out of our several offices located in the USA, Canada, Central and South America can always be scheduled.
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