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Inkjet PrintingMarch 16, 2023

Top Five Safety Features to look for in a UV Cylinder Printer

Inkjet Printing
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Safety Light Curtain for Helix machine

Our recent blog post, ColorBoost: A Rotary Printer Must Have explores three of the deciding factors of purchasing a UV Cylinder Printer, and the added benefit of ColorBoost. Updates made to the Helix® line of cylinder printers as of February 2023 include faster speeds, updated exterior design, and advanced safety features. Any company looking to offer drinkware, or already in the drinkware market should be aware of the importance of a cylindrical inkjet printer with safety features. Would you ride in a vehicle without a seat belt? Safety features are in place to ensure that the operator’s work environment in as secure as possible. Today we will explore the top five safety features that your UV cylindrical printer should be equipped with. 

Top Five Safety Features

An additional area of concern when it comes to purchasing a UV cylinder printer should always be safety. Workplace safety is a priority no matter the industry, especially when advances create added layers of protection for your business.  Consider the following areas when contemplating which UV cylindrical printer will best fit your needs. 

UV Curing Location 

Traditionally, the final cure takes place after the product exits the machine. However, this placement is no longer standard. The Helix®, Helix®+, and Double Helix® now have the curing location in the back of the machine. This simple location move creates a safer work environment for operators as they are no longer exposed to UV light.  

However, as an additional layer of protection while operating a UV printer, the operator should always be wearing UV blocking glasses.  

Light Curtain 

A light curtain feature allows operators to run Helix® machines with an additional layer of safety.  If and when the invisible curtain is passed, the machine will halt all motion. 

Interlocking Doors 

The Helix® line of cylinder printers now feature interlocking doors to create an additional barrier during the printing process. The doors to access the interior now hold stronger.  


Opt for a UV Cylindrical printer with ample room to conduct maintenance. With daily, weekly, monthly, bi-year, and yearly maintenance scheduled for most cylindrical inkjet printers, make sure that your tech has the best access to the inside of the machine. Interior lighting is another perk to look for when selecting your next machine.  


As a global supplier and manufacturer of UV cylindrical printers, we understand the importance of the safety requirements around the world. Helix® machines are certified according to UL, CSA, or CE requirements dependent on the customer’s needs.  

UL certification applies to a wide range of products, such as appliances, devices, furniture and more. Products that are UL certified and found to meet scientific safety, quality or security standards.  CSA certification means that the product has been tested and passes applicable North American standards requirements. Finally, in Europe, CE markings signal that the manufacturer deems a product meets the EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.  

Inkcups UV Cylinder Printers 

To learn more about the Helix®, Helix®+ and Double Helix® download our comparison brochure. Learn more about the three cylindrical printers in a side-by-side breakdown of specs, features and benefits.  


Newest addition to the line of cylindrical UV printers, the Helix®+ is a machine that begins as a single tunnel machine with the ability to upgrade to a double tunnel machine in the future. The Helix®+ is ideal for the business looking for the flexibility to have their printing machine grow with their operations, increasing volume as business grows. Considered the machine between the Helix® and Double Helix®, the Helix®+ prints full-color CMYKWW+V graphics on a wide variety of straight walled or tapered cylinders.  


With over 500 Helix® digital cylinder printers installed in the field, this machine is a tried and true. The Inkcups engineering team continues to push boundaries and innovate to make the Helix® faster, more efficient, equipped with customer requested features and safety measures. The most recent upgrades to the Helix® include additional safety features, faster speeds at higher quality, and a new exterior to improve serviceability.  

Double Helix® 

Producing twice the output volume as the Helix®, the Double Helix® is a UV cylindrical printer that houses two print fixtures. Ideal for industries requiring medium to high production runs, the Double Helix® can decorate will all of the print innovation as the Helix®, including mirror print, tone-on-tone, contour print, photorealistic images, and more.  

No matter the output volume required, Inkcups has a cylindrical printer for your needs. The Helix ®, Helix ®+, and Double Helix® offer all of the top 5 safety features and qualities at different tiers of production. The full portfolio of cylindrical inkjet printers can be viewed here. For more information, start the conversation with your local sales representative. Contact us today.

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