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Pad Printing InkMarch 14, 2023

PN Series Pad Printing Ink Spotlight

Pad Printing Ink
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Sapphire PN Series Pad Printing Ink

Are you familiar with polypropylene? Odds are you’ve interacted with a polypropylene product today as many everyday items are made of it. That being said, a wide variety of products and plastic parts in the automotive industry, as well as a wide variety of other industries also rely on polypropylene. This material is a thermoplastic polymer and belongs to the group of polyolefins. Characterized by a slipper surface, polypropylene is known for being a tricky surface for inks to properly stick to. For instance, even gluing polypropylene together can pose as an exhausting endeavor.

The PN Series Pad Printing ink was specially formulated to decorate these products and to provide excellent adhesion to most polypropylene-based substrates. Often, a product will not be 100% polypropylene which will require the substrate to undergo pre-treatment. However, if the substrate is pure polypropylene enjoy excellent adhesion due to the composition of PN series ink. To get started, PN is best known for:

  • Exceptional adhesion to polypropylene products
  • Classified as non-toxic
  • Extended pot life when used as a 2-component ink


PN Series Pad Printing Ink Line Overview

Hitting the pad printing ink trifecta: non-toxic, fast curing, and high gloss, the PN series ink promotes adhesion to most polypropylene based substrates.  Additionally, the PN series is formulated with pigments that are free of heavy metals. All safety data sheets can be found for the PN series in the Learning Center.

Print on a wide variety of products including packaging for consumer products, stadium cups, frisbees, medical devices, cookware products, hinges, cosmetic compartments, plastic automotive parts, and more.


With the addition of hardener, considered a 2-component ink, the PN series offers an extended pot life of up to 8-9 hours. Available in 22 standard, 11 high density, 5 metallic, as well as CMYK process shades. Additionally, custom color matching and Harmony Color Matching System is available for this ink line.

For more information, contact Inkcups today.

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