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TradeshowsMay 3, 2018

Inkcups Ready for NPE 2018

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On May 7,th 2018 we will be showcasing our printing equipment for plastic items in sunny Orlando Florida, at the National Plastics Expo (NPE).  This trade show is the largest and world-leading plastics show to date as it is constructed and trademarked by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS). Contributors to the show consist of buying teams from over 100 countries and more than 20,000 companies, bringing together the total global plastics supply chain and the full range of end-user markets. NPE contains companies that will benefit us such as companies specializing in bottles and containers, medical devices, packaging, appliances, and more! We are very eager to display our pad printers, laser engravers and inkjet machines at NPE from May 7th– 11th.

To give you a sample of what we will be presenting at NPE, check out our in-depth list below that will include an assortment of our top-quality machines. Look for us at booth S14035.

X5-T Flatbed UV Digital Printer New!

At the 2018 PPAI trade show in Las Vegas, we unveiled the X5® UV flatbed printer. This revolutionary machine’s advanced features and print head technology make it one of the fastest, direct to shape digital printer in the industry. What is new about the X5-T is that the machine is taller than the previous X5® and can now print on items up to 20 inches tall! Promotional products, industrial products, cooler lids, plastic molded housings, toys, appliances, and signage are only scratching the surface of what products the X5® is capable of printing on.

Helix® Rotary Inkjet Printer

The Helix® has revolutionized the inkjet printing industry making it the top option to print custom images on drinkware, cosmetics, straight-walled and tapered cylinders and more. Winner of 2 Golden Pyramid Awards, this direct-to-object cylindrical printers is great for short-run production and personalized items.

XJet800 UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer

The XJET800 is an automation-ready industrial inkjet printer designed for high volume production. See the automation capabilities LIVE at NPE, where we will be picking and placing products from a system engineered in-house.

Cobalt ONE Fiber Laser Etching MachineNew!

The Cobalt One is a newer laser plate machine and is a much improved as well as upgraded version of previous Cobalt machines. Although small in size, the Cobalt ONE has many features including an integrated computer system, a USB 3.0 port to effortlessly upload artwork and a compact footprint that allows the machine to fit in small spaces which is much different from any other laser plate etching machine on the market.

Cobalt 2000 Pad Printing Plate Maker

The Cobalt 2000 is the most affordable plate maker Inkcups has created as the machine is engineered for both large and small printing facilities. The Cobalt 2000’s innovative pad printing plate maker was developed internally by Inkcups engineers. The machine contains Patent Pending WFC Technology and enables the etching of precise, fine line graphics quickly and easily. Intended for the AccuLaze® laser plate material, depth is continuously reliable with up to four images per plate.

B-100 1-color Tabletop Pad Printer

The B100 is a high speed, dynamic, single color sealed cup pad printer which presents a myriad of unique features and capabilities. This pad printer has been one of our best-sellers for 1-color printing of plastic parts, promotional products, medical and electronic devices. In addition, thousands of B100s equipped with Tagless garment fixtures are installed and working at apparel factories.

ICN-150 2-color Large Image Pad Printer

Holding 150mm ink cups which allow for printed images up to 140mm in diameter, the ICN-150 is a very well-built and large pad printing machine for Inkcups. The machine’s distinctive independent pad/ink cup stroke, allows easy loading of large parts and print cycle being successfully perfected for the sharpest quality images. The ICN-150 produces images using a 1- or 2-color printer and creates precise, accurate graphics due to the machines outstanding pad compression capability. The ICN-150 is also, furnished with an automated pad cleaning unit.

ICN-2200L 2-color Linear Conveyor Pad Printer

The ICN-2200L is a heavy duty 2 color sealed cup pad printer with a linear conveyor. The linear conveyor is ideal for situations where future production volumes are unknown or are likely to increase. The machine can print 1800 impressions per hour for 1 color or 1000 impressions per hour for 2 colors. The ICN-2200L also has an XYR micro-adjust plate holder, allowing the user to get accurate prints every time. The machine is fast and simple to use.

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