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New Technology, Inkjet PrintingJanuary 24, 2023

Helix® Line of Cylindrical Printers: Upgrades for 2023

New Technology, Inkjet Printing
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Helix New Frame 2023

Inkcups is proud to continue to advance and expand the successful Helix® line of cylindrical inkjet printers. The Helix® line: the Helix®, Double Helix® and Revolution are now joined by the addition of the Helix®+. Not only has the Helix® line grown, but the Helix® and Double Helix® have both experienced significant upgrades as well.

The Helix®+ is an upgradeable machine that begins as a single tunnel inkjet printer with the ability to upgrade to a double tunnel inkjet printer at a later date. This enables companies to increase their production as their business grows.

The Helix®, Helix®+ and Double Helix® are now equipped with ColorBoost: a proprietary system that enables printing of 12 pass quality at 6 pass speeds or 8 pass quality at 4 pass speeds, producing the highest quality images on the market. Finally, additional features include jettable primer integration, enhanced safety features and improvements to the serviceability of these machines.

To learn more, watch the dedicated Helix® upgrades video below:

Interested in learning about if the Helix®, Helix®+ or Double Helix® is the best fit for your operations? Reach out to your local sales representative to discuss in further detail.


To find the full line of cylindrical inkjet printers, please visit: Drinkware Printers.

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