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Laser Plate-makingJuly 17, 2014

The New CrystaLAZE Laser Pad Printing Plates from Inkcups

Laser Plate-making
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laser pad printing plates

Inkcups introduces CrystaLAZE laser pad printing plates! These groundbreaking laser engravable plates are different from the usual CO2 laser plates on the market today. Most CO2 plates out there are simply pre-hardened polymer plates whereas the CrystaLAZE plates are designed specifically for CO2 laser engravers. The surface is compatible with the CO2 wavelength enabling the finest detail to be etched – more than any CO2 laser plate material available today!

The plate is extremely durable. CrystaLAZE laser pad printing plates come with a blue protective peel sheet to protect from any scratching and the plates are inert, making them impervious to any weather changes.

In addition to its other advantages, CrystaLAZE has a uniform, consistent hardness which allows it to perform perfectly and withstand up to 50,000 impressions. CrystaLAZE is one more way that Inkcups Now works to create the best product for you.

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