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PlatesAugust 14, 2013

Website UPDATED! New Exposure Times for Pad Printing Plates

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pad printing plates

Inkcups is happy to announce that we have updated our polymer plate-making exposure times for garment tag printing on our website! The new update features a colorful new chart of exposure times for all of our alcohol wash and water wash pad printing plates. After years of testing, the techs at Inkcups have perfected a formula for successfully making photopolymer plates.

Download the PDF here!

This how-to guide will explain each step in the plate-making process. Just follow the instructions for a successful plate-making operation. Exposures time for pad printing plates will vary depending on the exposure unit you are currently using, the times on our website are based on the Autolight-1528 or BPL-1220 exposure units.

The web version of the exposure times is also available in a downloadable PDF document. Print it out and keep it with your exposure unit for reference or use it as a training manual for someone new to the plate-making process.

Leave a comment below with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have about this about exposing pad printing plates.

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