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Pad Printing Equipment, Textile Printers for Garment Printing, Screen Printing Machines & Inks, Laser Engravers, Industrial Inkjet Printers

Inkcups Now provides innovative printing equipment, supplies and solutions to customers in the promotional, apparel and industrial markets worldwide.

Inkcups Now offers:

Inkcups Now advantage:

  • Effective Solutions that improve performance, add new capabilities and save money and time
  • Committed Support - ongoing, personal and fully engaged, for both equipment and processes
  • Long Term Relationships - internal and external, built on trust and integrity

  • Our customer service team consists of true experts in printing & engraving.
  • No-charge professional tech support is offered in English and Spanish!
  • We offer rapid turnaround on all products because we have a very large inventory of screen and pad printing inks and nearly all production takes place in house.
  • Our engineering, production and assembly teams work with particular attention to detail on quality and appearance to ensure that all products are made to specification.
  • Our custom designed order management software enables us to process orders in a timely and efficient manner so that all orders can be tracked through the system and to our customer’s door.
  • In addition to corporate headquarters located in Danvers, Massachusetts, we have 10 direct sales offices on the American Continent: in New York, California, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona as well as in Ontario (Canada), Merida (Mexico), Guatemala City (Guatemala), San Pedro Sula (Honduras). Major ICN distributors are located in Colombia and Dominican Republic.
Contact us today, we are looking forward to assisting you!

Featured Products:

Pad Printing Ink | Screen Printing Ink - Proposition 65 & CPSIA'08 Compliant, Class VI Certified, NAMSA Certified

Sapphire pad printing inks and screen printing ink SAPPHIRE® series is a full line of pad printing and screen printing ink. It is offered in different series and will provide adhesion for nearly all substrates, including plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, soft touch and elastic surfaces, cotton, polyester and more. Sapphire® is non-toxic, Proposition 65 and CPSIA’08 compliant, meaning the ink is free of restricted phthalates and heavy metals. The MB and J3 series are Class VI certified and approved for the use in the medical device industry. The SB series is NAMSA certified to cause zero skin irritation, which makes it perfect ink for tagless t-shirt labels.
For dark and translucent substrates high density screen and pad printing inks are available - offered not only in white and black but also in a complete line of colors. In addition, we provide our customers with a twelve color mixing system and free formulation guide for the generation of popular numerical color shades.

More about Sapphire® pad & screen printing inks

Garment Printing Equipment & Supplies

Pad printer for garment tags Inkcups Now offers turnkey solutions for Garment Tag Printing. We provide everything one needs to convert to Garment Printing - pad printing equipment or screen printing machines, thoroughly tested and certified inks for both pad printing and screen printing, all other supplies - as well as know-how, training and technical support.

Pad printing of garment tags (care and origin information) directly onto the garments enables dramatic cost savings and other benefits compared to Heat Transfer and sewn-in labels. We offer 1- and 2-color garment pad printers, with fixtures, inks, supplies and the invaluable experience of making it all work on a major scale. Screen printer for garment tags

Another solution - for those who are not ready to delve into pad printing but are comfortable with screen printing - is to use our 1-color and 2-color screen printing machines for tag and logo printing.

More about garment pad printing

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial inkjet printers Inkcups Now Corp. developed the XJET UV LED industrial inkjet printer with parts conveyor, geared towards the needs of promotional product market. The XJET is very fast, it prints in white and colors and can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive templates.

More about industrial inkjet printers

Pad Printing Supplies

Pad printing supplies: laser plates Inkcups Now offers everything you need in pad printing supplies, including printing pads in hundreds of shapes and materials, steel, polymer and laser printing plates, solvents, inks, exposure units, washout systems, and startup supplies. Pad printing supplies are manufactured in house, ensuring speedy completion of any - even custom - order, effective quality monitoring, and competitive pricing.

Progressive plate-making technology!
Make higher quality plates in just minutes with laser engravable pad printing plates!

More about pad printing supplies

Pad Printing Equipment

Pad printing equipment Inkcups has a broad range of pad printing equipment (from 1- to 6-color systems) that are reliable, versatile, user friendly and also competitively priced. Our experienced technicians are willing to assist you with pad printing machine questions, installations, staff training, process troubleshooting, selecting printing pads and inks. Whether you are looking for new or used pad printing machines, for buying or leasing, we offer the best solution!

Choose from the lineups of:
1-color pad printers
2-color pad printers
4- to 6-color pad printers

More about pad printing equipment

Laser Engravers & Platemakers

Laser engraver & platemaker Inkcups has developed a line of computer to plate printing equipment that dramatically improves the pad printing process: Cobalt series computer-to-plate laser etching systems directly etch specialized laser plate material in less than two minutes with exceptionally high quality images with controlled depth - an incredible time and cost savings! We have YAG laser etching machine and CO2 laser engravers available. We also offer laser plate material for YAG and CO2 laser systems that enable computer to plate printing with existing equipment.

More about laser engravers

Screen Printing Machines & Supplies

Screen printing machine Inkcups Now offers a line of screen printing machines for garments and promotional products - flat and well as cylindrical.

The R160 and R280 are compact rotary screen printers for sleeves, t-shirt tags, can coolers etc. equipped with UV lamps printing and drying within the same cycle. The R-160 is a 1-color screen printer; the R-280, a 2-color screen printing machine.
The M-25 bottle printer is a 1-color screen printer for cylinders.
The M-15 flatbed screen printing machine is a 1-color printer for promotional products.

We also provide high-quality screen printing supplies and auxiliaries, including silk screens, screen printing ink, squeegee blades, tooling and screen printer attachments.

More about screen printing machines

Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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Tagless pad printing Apparel Tag Printing!

Turnkey solution for tagless t-shirt printing: complete line of Equipment & Supplies, plus unlimited tech support!

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