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Helix® ONE: Benchtop Cylindrical Printer

Helix® ONE: Benchtop Cylindrical Printer

The Helix® ONE benchtop cylindrical printer joins the Helix® line of direct-to-object printers. This machine utilizes patented Helix® technology in a more compact benchtop design. The Helix® ONE is a dedicated cylinder printing machine designed to decorate straight walled and tapered cylinders including plastic bottles, stainless tumblers, candle holders and more. This cylindrical printer targets a wide variety of customers; from those who are just starting out to those who require a machine per sku.

Although a benchtop machine in nature, the components of the Helix® ONE are far superior to competitive products in the market. This machine features a motor-driven operation with a fully automatic programmable tooling fixture & height adjust and high-precision, robust linear drive. The Helix® ONE also boasts 8W segmented software-controlled UV curing unit for optimal curing. The machine’s build includes an automatic wiping and white and black sub-tank stirring system. The Helix® ONE’s print heads utilize state-of-the-art MEMs head technology with integrated temperature control system and high-definition drop size (3-picoliter).

Paired with the LV Series UV printer ink, the Helix® ONE is able to reproduce vibrant and intricate images onto a variety of substrates and vessel types in full CMYK and Varnish. In addition to the LV Series, the Helix® ONE is also compatible with the TL Series Flexible Digital UV Ink for flexible substrates such as LDPE and HDPE.


Optional Accessories




Product Type
Cylinder or Taper (360 degree print)
Part Diameter
1.77″- 4.6″ (45 mm – 116m)
Part Length
51 mm - 310 mm (2.0" - 12.2")
Lamp Style
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
Dimensions (lxwxh)
1227 mm x 825 mm x 950 mm (48.3" x 32.5" x 37.4")
Maximum Resolution
600 x 1200 dpi
650 lbs. (295 kg)


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