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Inkjet PrintingJune 13, 2023

Elevate Your Offerings with UV Cylindrical Printing on Acrylic Cups

Inkjet Printing
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Helix ONE Plastic Cups

In 2023 we are always looking for the safest option when it comes to, well just about anything. Drinkware is no different. We are all well aware that some plastics can contain harmful chemicals, such as BPA (Bisphenol A) which may cause health issues such as thyroid disease, infertility, and other related problems. More and more people are reaching for acrylic drinkware for this reason. Acrylic does not contain nor release BPA, making it a safe alternative for plastic drinkware.

Additionally, it is shatterproof, making it a great alternative to glass. While if dropped, acrylic may crack or break, it will not shatter and create a dangerous mess. Acrylic cups are sought after due to their durable nature, light weight, sunlight resistance and availability in a wide array of colors. Decorate cups with UV printing on acrylic to stay up with the latest trends.

Expand your selection by offering this additional vessel type whether it be for promotional giveaways, large events or print-on-demand offerings. Acrylic is a popular vessel material at the moment and keeping up with trends is vital to stay afloat in todays highly competitive drinkware market. Stay relevant by UV printing on acrylic cups for the most eye catching results!

How To Print on Acrylic

For simplicity’s sake, there are three major players when it comes to UV printing on acrylic cups. First and foremost: the UV cylindrical printer, second: UV ink, and third: pre-treatment.

Cylindrical UV printers are available in different models to accommodate different part diameters, output speeds and additional features. Inkcups offers five different cylindrical UV printers to answer the needs of customers printing one-offs to long runs, those in need of automation or not, and those just getting started in the drinkware industry, or have been in it for a while.

Helix® ONE for Decorating Acrylic Cups

For those just beginning their drinkware journey, or those branching out from screen printing, or whatever your printing background may be- look no further than the Helix® ONE. This compact, benchtop cylindrical printer joins the Helix® line of direct-to-object printers to decorate a wide variety of straight walled and tapered cylinders, including acrylic cups.

See the Helix® ONE in action here:

Benchtop UV cylindrical printer, the Helix® ONE is the latest addition to the ever-popular Inkcups’ Helix® line of direct-to-object printers. Much like the other members of the Helix® family, the Helix® ONE differentiates itself from competitive machines by offering innovative print techniques and superior components and features.

Compact in size, the Helix® ONE offers the same innovative print techniques of full-sized cylindrical printers, like the single and Double Helix®. The Helix® ONE was created to support a wide range of customers, particularly those just starting out with digital printing.

To read more about the Helix® ONE please visit our dedicated product page: Helix® ONE: Benchtop Cylindrical Printer. This page will go into further depth about part size, diameter, maximum resolution, and more.

UV Ink for Acrylic Cups

The Helix® ONE made its debut alongside the LV Series UV printer ink. This series was formulated to produce vibrant graphics using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Varnish. Standalone, the LV Series promotes strong adhesion to powder coated, stainless steel, rigid plastics (acrylic) and more.

As there is no universal UV ink that sticks to all substrates it is incredibly important that the ink chosen for your product is specially formulated to promote optimal adhesion.

 Pre-Treatment for Acrylic Drinkware

While choosing the correct UV ink is the first step for adhesion, the second is proper pre-treatment. To pass ASTM required tests, the LV Series can be used in combination with an inkjet primer. Primer can be applied in multiple ways, as a wiped, sprayed, or jetted. For the best results, adhesion testing should be completed prior to recommending solutions for your application. Learn more about adhesion testing here.

Ready to learn more? 

The Helix® ONE is an excellent cylindrical printer for those looking to get started in the drinkware industry all the way to those who are seasoned veterans. Contact us today for more information.

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