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UV Printers

Helix® Hi-Fi Photo-realistic Rotary UV Printer

Helix® Hi-Fi Photo-realistic Rotary UV Printer

The Helix® Hi-Fi is the world’s first and only photorealistic rotary printing machine. Digitally print finer skin-tones and smoother gradients that are less grainy and more high-resolution. The demand for a photorealistic rotary printing machine stems from the need to personalize products. This machine offers companies one-off printing, meaning, printing 1 or 200 can be easily done. There is no need for minimum order quantities.

The Helix® Hi-Fi photorealistic rotary printing machine achieves its fine detail due to the addition of 2 colors. Completing the 6-color design, the Helix® Hi-Fi can print in CMYKLcLmW+Varnish (Lc = Light cyan and Lm= Light magenta). Working together, these colors can produce vibrant colors.

Currently, the Helix® Hi-Fi photorealistic rotary printing machine is able to utilize the DL UV LED ink series to print on a number of substrates from glassware to plastic. The DL Series is FDA 21CFR compliant.

This machine can print on items up to 12″ (305mm) tall and a diameter range of 2-5″ (51-127mm). The Helix® Hi-Fi photorealistic rotary printing machine can print 360-degree images up to 8.6″ in length (218mm).

As with all of our machines, we provide a full digital printing set-up service. From sampling to meet specific ASTM adhesion requirements to building tooling for each unique part to training and supporting operators, we are here to take your printing to the next level.

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Product Type
Cylinder or Taper (360 degree print)
Speed (based on bed size)
250 parts/hr (2" image height)
Part Diameter
51 mm - 114.3 mm (2 - 4.5 in) • 127 mm (5 in) w/growler modification
Part Length
76 mm - 305 mm (3 - 12 in)
Lamp Style
Ink Type
Ink Configuration
CMYKLcLmWW + Varnish (optional)
Print Modes
4 pass • 6 pass • 8 pass • 12 pass • 16 pass • 24 pass
Bulk Ink System
3 Liter
Dimensions (lxwxh)
2209.80 x 711.2 x 1574.80 mm (87 x 28 x 62 in)
220/208 VAC, Single Phase, 4 Amp
Maximum Resolution
Bed Type


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