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ApplicationsApril 29, 2024

What Single Machine Can be Used to Decorate Tote Bags?

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2-up Bag Platen

With the current demand for tote bags, it comes as no surprise that there are a multitude of methods readily available to achieve different aesthetics, at different skill levels, with different machinery. Tote bags are quickly gaining traction as a top promotional item, while holding firm as a useful corporate gift, and remaining a useful tool in new marketing campaigns.

Top Methods of Tote Bag Decoration

We have identified the top methods of decoration for tote bags to include: screen printing, direct to garment (DTG), heat transfer, sublimation, embroidery, and UV digital printing. Other methods include embossing, gravure printing and more. As the reusable bag trend persists, a pioneering tote bag printer has surfaced: the XJET Switch, a groundbreaking direct-to-bag printer, marking the inception of a new era in tote bag printing.

Before we dive into the latest technology, let’s further explore the traditional methods of tote bad printing. What do screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, and DTG (direct-to-garment) all have in common? They all require heat in some form. Both heat transfer and sublimation on bags require a heat press, while screen printing and DTG undergo curing with a dryer.  How does heat impact the decoration process? It limits the materials that can be used as any fabrics that are sensitive to heat with either shrink or melt. This eliminates one of the most up-and-coming types of bags for events, the PVC, clear tote bag. Additionally, the use of heat for some processes can vastly impact the tote bag color options, for instance, decorating with heat transfers on red bags can result in drastic fading to pink.

For a more thorough explanation of the other methods, please read: Printing on Tote Bags

How Heat Factors into the Methods

It’s important to recognize that heat serves not only as a means to cure ink post-printing or transfer but also plays a crucial role as a preliminary step in both heat transfer and DTG printing processes. In these methods, heat pressing tote bags is essential for eliminating wrinkles, moisture and making sure the material is as flat as possible. Equally important is the removal of any lint or loose fibers from the tote bags.

Tote Bag Printer

The XJET Switch, on the other hand, operates without heat, relying instead on instant UV ink curing facilitated by ultraviolet light. This innovative approach eliminates the necessity for supplemental equipment such as conveyor dryers. UV printing on tote bags stands out as a favored decoration method for its streamlined single-machine process, capable of adorning a diverse range of materials with full-color, high-quality images swiftly and efficiently.

Achieve unparalleled precision in printing using a specialized tote bag printer such as the XJET Switch. Leveraging the advanced technology of digital UV printers, the XJET Switch ensures pinpoint accuracy in every print, guaranteeing complete uniformity. Whether it’s a short, medium, or long print run, the XJET Switch delivers consistent results every time.

The XJET Switch utilizes advanced digital printing technology to deliver production of full-color, CMYKWW graphics onto 2 tote bags at a time. The XJET Switch is configured with continuous printing technology that allows the operator to load two tote bags in the front of the machine, while the printing can simultaneously take place in the back of the machine. The platen configuration can be customizable based on customer requirements. Stock the machine comes as 2-up; however, as many platens as needed can be configured within the total print area of 350 mm x 650 mm.

UV Ink for Tote Bag Printers

Paired with the XFlexx UV Ink Series, the XJET Switch can reproduce full-color images on canvas, cotton, polyester, PVC, and more materials while allowing for movement. The XFlexx is notable for it’s ability to move and bend without cracking or distorting the artwork. The addition of the XFlexx Vivid White Ink rivals the pop of bright white ink that once, only screen printing could achieve. XFlexx Vivid White is 30% more opaque than standard inks.

To learn more about all of the materials that the XJET Switch can decorate please visit: Applications: Reusable Bags

One Machine as a Tote Bag Printer

Traditional methods like heat transfer, sublimation, and DTG involve multiple steps and often require additional equipment like dryers. While cost-effective, are they truly efficient? For superior quality and full-color prints on tote bags, consider the XJET Switch. With this innovative solution, one operator can effortlessly handle the entire process.

Gone are the days of painstaking alignment, pre-pressing, or post-drying. With the XJET Switch, simply load the tote bags, print, remove, and reload. Thanks to instant UV curing, printed tote bags can be stacked and packed immediately.

Ready to explore the future of tote bag printing? Contact your local sales representative today to learn more about the XJET Switch and kickstart your journey.


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