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Applications, Inkjet PrintingMarch 31, 2020

Application Spotlight: UV Printer for Golf Balls

Applications, Inkjet Printing
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uv printer for golf balls

Golf balls, while unique in shape, are the perfect application for a UV printer. Customization in the golf industry has always been popular. Add a brand, name, or event. The possibilities are endless.

UV Printer for Personalized Golf Balls

This particular application was printed on our X5® UV flatbed printer. The X5® allows the operator to print in full-color graphics and varnish. Customization is easy because it is an all-digital process, allowing the operator to change the artwork on the fly. The X5® gives the flexibility to print a single golf-ball or hundreds. In this particular application, the X5® was able to print 231 golf balls in a single print cycle.

A special tooling fixture was created to house the golf balls. This traveling fixture sits on the table of the X5® UV flatbed printer and securely holds the parts as they travel into the machine and back out again. Tooling fixtures are often customized to the specifications of the part.

The ink used was our S1 series UV ink. S1 is a durable UV ink that can withstand high abrasion and outdoor usage. S1 ink is vibrant offering stunning CMYK+W prints.

For more information, check out our UV Inkjet Printer Guide.
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  • Jessica

    Hey Fabian, you can email and we will send you the information! Thank you!

    August 3, 2020
  • fabian ruffo

    Need information on fixtures used to print on N95 mask and golf balls using a UV flat bed printer

    August 2, 2020

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