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Tagless PrintingDecember 17, 2019

The Perfect In-Between Machine

Tagless Printing
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Update: As of August 2022 the ICN-120 is no longer available. Please video our Pad Printing Machine page to find our current offerings. 

The all-new ICN-120 pad printer is not only a highly versatile pad printer due to its extended stroke, but it is also a great solution for tagless pad printing. This machine is the perfect in-between in terms of cup size, ink usage and reach.


Extended Stroke

One of the greatest features of this machine is its ability to extend beyond the typically reach length. With standard pad printing machines, the average reach (or distance to the print area) is around 125 mm. The ICN-120 features a unique extended forward stroke pad which can reach up to 203 mm (8 inches) to the print area. This becomes especially important in tagless printing when printing on apparel that has a lot of excess fabric. For example, when tagless printing on hoodies, the material is typically thicker, and the hood will sometimes get in the way of printing. With the ICN-120, there is enough space between the plate and the print area to store the excess fabric while printing.


 Image Size

As the name suggests, this machine also has a unique ink cup size. While many other machines provide 90 mm and 150 mm ink cup sizes, the ICN-120 utilizes a 120 mm. This feature enables operators to work with artwork up to 110 mm in diameter. A 110 mm image size for tagless printing is just enough to fit in all the required information.


Ink Usage

In addition, the B150 requires a minimum of 80 grams of ink, while the B100 requires 40 grams, and the ICN-120 falls right in between requiring a minimum of 60 grams of ink. This machine is a cost-effective option that will you save you time and money associated with buying extra ink. All machines are 1-color pad printers which can be used for the same applications and with the same ink. Which machine is best for you depends on the size of the artwork you desire.


Our brand new ICN-120 pad printer has turned out to be not only a highly versatile pad printer, but also the ideal tagless pad printing machine. The machine is the perfect in-between in terms of price, cup size, and ink usage compared to our most popular pad printers, the B100 and B150.

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