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Tagless PrintingJanuary 28, 2020

The 5 Best Applications for Tagless Labels

Tagless Printing
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Tagless Tshirt

If you haven’t already, now is the time to go Tagless. Tagless pad printing is quickly becoming the industry standard for tagless labels. The number of applications is always growing as new garment markets are adopting the tagless solution. Here are our top 5:

Tagless Labels for Shirts

Tagless Label PrintingThe term “shirt” is a broad term, but intentional because tagless labeling applies to a wide array of shirts. From t-shirts to dress shirts tagless is a perfect fit. Tagless printing has the volume flexibility to meet the demand of printing thousands of t-shirts to private labeling dress shirts. In addition, the labels look great and cost only a fraction of a penny.




Tagless Labels for Undergarments

Undergarments, such as boxer shorts are excellent for tagless printing. Often the care label is printed or sewn onto the elastic where it presses directly onto the skin. If the label is raised or sewn, this can cause irritation to sensitive areas. Tagless pad printing has no raised feel and the ink is embedded into the fabric causing no skin irritation.


Tagless Labels for Scrubs




Uniforms are also a great tagless printing application. There are hundreds of thousands of professionals required to wear uniforms to work every day in a wide variety of markets. Scrubs, in particular, are used in every hospital and doctor’s office around the world. With such high demand, pad printing garment labels are the only true method to properly meet those needs. Again, tagless printing can print labels quickly and efficiently with great results.



Tagless Labels for Jean PocketsPad print on inside of Jean pocket

Applying a garment label to jeans is challenging because the substrate is tough and often dark. Pad printing a label would be a challenge and the only option would be a sewn-on label. However, those still looking to go tagless are printing on the jean pockets. Leading jean manufacturers have begun printing on the pockets because the substrate is easier to print and they can hold more information such as a large image, branding, and even a story about the brand.



Tagless Labels for Lingerie/Intimates

tagless labels for lingerie


Prior to tagless pad printing, lingerie was a difficult substrate to label. The material is often light, sometimes to the point where it is see-through. Traditional sewn-on tags are big and often in the way. They affect both comfort and appearance. A pad printed care label won’t show through the material and it won’t feel like anything because the ink is embedded into the substrate. Pad printing is a delicate printing solution for delicate garments.




*BONUS* Tagless Labels for Shoe Insoles

Shoe Insoles

Yes, shoe insoles are perhaps the best application for tagless pad printing. Insoles are labeled with shoe size, care information, and branding. These can be printed ink bulk and stacked for later use or inserted into shoes

immediately as the ink cures instantly. Adhesion and abrasion resistance is superb, resulting in a clear print that can withstand the normal wear and tear of every-day use. Watch this tagless pad printing on footwear video to see it in action!


Whether if you are already into tagless labeling, looking to explore new markets or new to the whole process. Contact Inkcups for more information about going tagless or visit our webpage about the Going Tagless Process.

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