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Pad Printing Ink, Pad PrintingFebruary 13, 2024

SI-HD Series Spotlight Silicone Pad Printing Ink

Pad Printing Ink, Pad Printing
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SI-HD Pad Printing Ink

Amidst the winter chill and snow-covered landscapes, memories of summer’s warmth, high UV index warnings, and pollen-dusted car hoods evoke a longing for beach getaways and leisurely afternoons by the lake. As many of us reflect on past summer adventures, whether it’s the first splash into a swimming pool or a refreshing dive into the ocean waves, those moments become cherished memories. For many, the simple act of stretching a swim cap over my head for swim lessons brings back a flood of nostalgia. Yet, in the present, decorating products like swim caps and other silicone items presents a unique challenge.

Silicone products are flexible, with a rubbery quality to them.  On top of their flexible nature, the material silicone itself is difficult to adhere to. Daily we are presented with silicone items such as kitchenware, toys, pet supplies, mouth guards, and more. Inkcups has the SI-HD series pad printing silicone ink just for these applications. Print on spatulas to your hearts content thanks to SI-HD ink! SI-HD ink is best known for:

  • A high-density ink for silicone substrates
  • Extremely opaque
  • Withstand high 


The SI-HD ink is a two-component ink that is known for both its excellent opacity and its glossy finish. It is made up primarily of silicone as that is the only thing that will adhere to silicone. That being said, it is classified as non-toxic and uses pigments that do not have heavy metals. Additionally, the SI-HD ink is completely dry after drying in an oven at least at 200°F (93°C) in 4-7 minutes.

After the drying process, SI-HD ink will bend and stretch with the substrate without any harm to your print.

Silicone products are often exposed to high temperatures, like a silicone kitchen spatula or muffin pan. The SI-HD ink was specially formulated to withstand these high temperatures that these substrates are presented with.

Print on swim caps, spatulas, phone cases, mouth guards, wrist bands, and more. SI-HD is perfect for any silicone promotional product you wish to decorate with your brand.

Check out the SI-HD Color Chart for color availability, and remember that color matching is available upon request. Si-HD ink is ideal for both pad printing and screen printing. To learn more about pad printing for promotional items, visit our Pad Printing Machines page.

If you’re looking to print on silicone and ready to take the first step into the pad printing process, reach out to a member of the Inkcups team for the easiest transition. Contact us today.

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